waffle cone cannabis strain

Waffle Cone Strain

Waffle Cone Cannabis Strain

Waffle Cone, developed by Compound Genetics, seems to be an indica-dominant hybrid strain that contains 70% indica and 30% Sativa. It is a potent mix of the renowned Dosilato and Jet Fuel Gelato strains. Despite its indica dominance, this strain is perfect for social occasions because it promotes creative head highs.

However, the sedative body-stone does take hold in the long run, especially when smoked heavily. Waffle Cone strain effects can be traced back to its illustrious ancestry, high THC concentration, and rich terpene composition (Pinene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene).

The aroma and taste of the Waffle Cone strain are just as enticing as their visually appealing appearance. The sugar leaves are a lush purple and green, while the buds are a cool mint green.

The look is completed by a flurry of orange pistils & frosted white trichomes, which, when touched by the light exactly so, glow with a warm golden hue. When you first lay eyes on this thick, imperial-looking beauty, you can tell that Waffle Cone was crafted to titillate your sense of sight.

When you crush the bud, the aroma will release, letting you know the good times are just beginning.

Strain Information

Waffle Cone Strain Genetics

The Waffle Cone strain of marijuana was created when the breeders at Compound Genetics in California crossed Jet Fuel Gelato and Dosilato (also known as Dolato).

Dosilato, a cross between the Do-Si-Do and the Gelato strains, is the parent plant of the delicious indica/sativa hybrid Waffle Cone. High THC hybrid Jet Fuel Gelato, produced by crossing Jet Fuel with High Octane OG and Gelato #45, is responsible for the infamous strength of Waffle Cone.

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Waffle Cone Marijuana Effects

The Waffle Cone has an incomparable flavor and scent. However, be careful not to take too many massive hits since it may be a little weighty on the chest & induce tingly emotions. It’s also beneficial for reducing inflammation, chronic pain, and stress.

The initial high hits swiftly but smoothly, inviting a pleasant cerebral buzz that instantly elevates mood and ignites creative mental energy, transforming mundane artistic endeavors and social gatherings into mystically exciting experiences.

A Waffle Cone’s positive and healing properties are a treat to experience. But that depends on how much you smoke because this strain has sedative effects that can lead to significant couch lock if you smoke too much.

In other words, if you don’t plan on being in a place for very long, it’s not a good idea to puff away heavily.

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How does it Smell?

With its sweet aroma, Waffle Cone might as well be classified as a dessert strain. Smelling the bud uncrushed releases its delicious earthy scents that are initially enticing. With its heady aroma of creamy cherry, fruit, & nuts, Waffle Cone is sure to entice any smoker.

How does it Taste?

Amazingly rich in various crisp flavors, the Waffle Cone will blow your mind. Then, on the exhale, you’ll pick up notes of sugary cherry, robust earthy nuttiness, and powerful diesel. Although the Waffle Cone variety isn’t cheap, its deliciousness makes it worth every penny. The only drawback to strains with such a pleasant flavor is the temptation to take more than intended.

Growing Waffle Cone Seeds

While other high-THC strains can be difficult to cultivate due to their temperamental nature, the Waffle Cone variety is just moderately difficult to grow. However, it may be grown indoors and out and thrives in warm, humid conditions.

Grow information on the Waffle Cone strain typically notes that it can reach heights of more than 6 feet (60″ – 80″) outside, & up to 5 feet (30′′ – 60′′) indoors, thus periodic pruning is advised.

Having access to feminized seeds will significantly improve your crop yield by eliminating the possibility of unwanted male plants. In addition, you may find auto-flowering sources for the Waffle Cone strain, which works well with the sea of green & also the screen of green growth techniques.

Waffle Cone THC Levels

The name “Waffle Cone strain” might make you think of carefree summer days spent eating ice cream cones. But if you’re not careful, the Waffle Cone breed could put you to sleep. The THC level of this strain is extremely high, ranging from 20% to 23.

THC levels in the Waffle Cone strain might rise as high as 30% when grown in ideal conditions by an experienced grower. In addition to its usefulness, it includes a CBD concentration of about 0.6%.

Waffle Cone Flowering

The seeds of the Waffle Cone variety are, thankfully, easy to come by and cultivate. Expect a harvest around the middle of October. If you’re cultivating inside, your flowering period should reach its optimum between 54 and 61 days.

Obviously, the only prerequisites are time and cultivating expertise.

Waffle Cone Yield

Potential yields are highly influenced by factors such as genetics &, of course, your growing expertise with cannabis.

Information about Waffle Cones may be found easily online, and our Grow Bible also has helpful hints.  Approximately 2 oz/ft2 (15 oz/m2) is the typical yield for growing Waffle Cones indoors, whereas 16 oz/plant is the usual harvest outside.

Waffle Cone Weed FAQ

The genetic link between all Waffle Cones is the Sunset Sherbert variety. Jet Fuel Gelato, as well as Dosilato, can trace their ancestry back to Sunset Sherbert as well. It is a potent indica dominant strain with genetics traced back to GSC (Girl Scout Cookies).

There isn’t one definitive explanation, and other factors could be at play. It would make sense for hyperventilation to occur if someone were under the influence of cannabis and experiencing anxiety. Some people report tingling in their hands and face after using drugs, possibly due to a neurological system or sensory overload.

Waffle Cone Reviews

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