Tropicana Banana Strain

Tropicana Banana 450 x 450

The Tropicana Banana strain is a hybrid that is Sativa dominant. While it is not hard to grow, growers will need a little experience to cultivate this variety successfully. It has a massive yield and is highly potent. Users can expect an intense effect that lasts for a long time, providing a unique euphoria and relaxation.

The flavor profile is sweet, fresh, and fruity, providing a tropical taste reminiscent of its namesake. Users will love the earthy and delicious taste. Those who suffer from ADHD, depression, and anxiety symptoms will find that the Tropicana Banana strain has an excellent effect on their symptoms, providing temporary relief.

In essence, the Tropicana Banana strain is potent. Growers should have at least a small amount of experience before growing this one. The sweet profile will appeal to many users, and it has pain relief effects that can appeal for medicinal purposes. Users who experience the joyous and powerful high will want to return to this hybrid.

Our Rating

Strain Info

Growing it

Tropicana X Banana Kush
80% Sativa
700g/m2 yield
65-70 days flowering

Smoking it

Makes you – uplifted, energetic & focused
Helps with – ADHD, depression & anxiety
Flavor is – sweet, fresh, fruity
THC – 22% to 25%