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Tiramisu Strain

Tiramisu Weed Strain Overview

We should have known better, but when Cali Connection started playing The Gold Line by TCC, we knew something special was on the horizon. And the Tiramisu variety certainly does not disappoint. We’re glad that Backpackboyz & 5 Points LA are the cultivators for this weed. 

The colas of the Tiramisu plant are pure white, while the leaves range in color from pale green to deep purple, and the plant’s hairs are a bright, sunny yellow. The buds have icy white trichomes and a minty green & dark purple color scheme.

The terpene profile of the THC-dominant hybrid Tiramisu is strong, with B-Caryophyllene, B-Myrcene, & Terpinolene. Even though Cali Connection developed the Tiramisu strain, it was the illustrious Backpackboyz and Five Points LA, known for their high-quality marijuana substance, merchandise, and strains, who made the moniker famous.

Tiramisu is a lucky package strain since it comes in Indica- and Sativa-dominant forms. Here we take a peek at the Sativa-dominant Cali Connection Tiramisu strain. Tiramisu is a blessed packet strain in that it comes in both Indica- and Sativa-dominant forms. Here we take a peek at the Sativa-dominant Cali Connection Tiramisu strain.

Strain Information

Tiramisu Strain Genetics

Regardless of where you shop, you can rest assured that you’re getting a good deal on Tiramisu because of its superior genetics. Cake & Gelato #45: a Wedding Cake. These two superstars are responsible for the intoxicating effects, high THC content, delicious flavor, and distinctive aroma of the Tiramisu strain.

As could be expected from a Girl Scout Cookies & Cherry Pie hybrid, Wedding Cake has a deliciously rich vanilla flavor that is suggestive of freshly baked delicacies.

It has a reputation for lifting the spirit and calming the body thanks to its high THC content (at least 25%). Gelato 45 provides the same benefits but with the added vivacity of tropical fruit notes. Its THC level ranges from 18% to 25%, and its origins are Sunset Sherbet with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

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Tiramisu Strain Effects

The effects of the Tiramisu strain are similar to those of OG Kush Breath. Therefore, fans of that strain will also appreciate this one. Feelings of sadness, worry, and tension are reduced, along with a wide range of happy emotions.

However, tiramisu can also alleviate bodily discomforts such as headaches, muscular spasms, and other aches and pains without needing a hefty stone. The Tiramisu strain of marijuana is perfect for those who suffer from sleeplessness but don’t want to become couch potatoes.

Instead, it relaxes your body while stimulating your mind and improving your mood. As you continue to sink further into bliss, your newfound elation may cause you to become more voluble in speech.

In the end, the head rush will leave you completely relaxed, ready to drift off to sleep. You’ll enjoy a more restful, undisturbed night’s sleep. When used in the late afternoon or early evening, the dessert strain Tiramisu produces excellent results.

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How does it Smell & Taste?

The marijuana of the Tiramisu strain is potent and smells deliciously of sweet soil, chocolate, and skunk. Many individuals find this scent to be relaxing and enjoyable. If you’re seeking a weed strain with intense, dessert-like flavors, the Tiramisu strain may be just what you’re looking for.

Tiramisu has a generally tropical and sweet flavor, like tree fruits. The chocolate and mild vanilla flavorings pair wonderfully with the underlying buttery richness.

Growing Tiramisu Seeds

Both indoors and outdoors, the Tiramisu cultivar is a breeze to cultivate. Sea of Green (SOG) & Screen of Green (SCROG) is two cultivation techniques that have proven effective for this plant. If you can’t obtain seeds for the Tiramisu strain, you can clone it with little effort.

Growing instructions for the Tiramisu strain state that the plant can reach a height of 60–80 inches thrives in warm, humid conditions, and yields the best results when grown outside. To improve the plant’s health, increase its exposure to light, and encourage its growth in a new direction, routine trimming, topping, and shaping is essential.

The THC content of your finished product and the size of your harvest are affected by the overall health of your Tiramisu strain plant. To get the most out of your indoor growth, experts say to start with feminized Tiramisu strain seeds.

Tiramisu THC Content

Tiramisu has a variable THC content between 15% and 27%. Skilled growers can achieve maximal THC levels rapidly, but beginners should still anticipate at least 15%. Weed from the Tiramisu strain is a good option if your social group includes both seasoned and first-time smokers. It gives a pleasant mental high that everybody can appreciate.

Flowering & Yield

Indoor flowering for this photoperiod strain takes only 63-67 days. Therefore, in the available data, outdoor harvests of the Tiramisu strain should begin sometime in the middle of October.

Keep in mind that outdoor growth patterns may vary between the Northern and Southern hemispheres, depending on the effect of the seasons. Nevertheless, making a growth schedule is a straightforward and efficient method of becoming an expert grower.

The yielding characteristics of the Tiramisu strain are just one of several traits it appears to have inherited from its parents. Even inexperienced gardeners can get good harvests of 1.15 oz/ft2 indoor spaces and 10 oz/plant outdoors, much above the average of 1.39 oz/ft2 and 12-15 oz/plant, respectively.

With expert culture, indoor yields can exceed 1.47 oz/ft2, and outdoor products can exceed 17 oz/plant.

Tiramisu Weed FAQ

Because of its hybrid status, Tiramisu carries characteristics of both Indica and Sativa. Depending on the strain, it might have a Sativa or Indica dominating profile. There is no difference in taste or aroma across versions. However, the potency of the benefits may change. This review focuses on a Sativa-dominant hybrid known as Tiramisu.

Since both the Tiramisu or Tiramisu Cookies strains share a name, aroma, and flavor with another strain called “Tiramisu,” it’s easy to assume they’re the same. And that’s the last place where the similarities stop. To the tune of 29% THC, the indica-dominant ratio in our Tiramisu Cookies can reach an impressive 90%. The average THC content of this strain is between 20% and 30%, while some samples have tested at 18%. It’s the result of mating the Animal Cookies female with a male that’s a cross between a Bay Exclusive OG and an OGKB. Pudding River Farm is responsible for cultivating this strain created by Bay Exclusives Seeds and Clones.

Wedding Cake is the parent dessert of tiramisu, which also includes Girl Scout Cookies as ancestors. These genes alone would classify it as a cake variety, but its sugary taste and dessert-like aroma are the icings on the cake.

Tiramisu Reviews

Have you ever tried or cultivated this strain? We would really appreciate it if you could let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this particular strain of marijuana.
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