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Strawberry Banana Grape Strain

Strawberry Banana Grape Weed Strain

Although it is small in stature, the Strawberry Banana Grape plant produces a large, high-quality harvest and is simple to manage for novice and experienced gardeners. Depending on the conditions, this strain flowers for about 9–10 weeks and can be grown in any medium. Due to the large number and size of its buds, the plant’s branches will have to be propped up while they are being grown.

The Strawberry x Grape x Banana OG cross is responsible for creating Strawberry Banana Grape. It produces a lot of buds and has a strong THC content. Although it contains 70% Sativa, as evidenced by its long, thin leaves, bending branches, and widely-spaced bud sites, this phenotype leans toward indica dominance, as represented by the sedative effects of its primary psychoactive component.

Strain Information

Strawberry Banana Grape Strain Genetics

Strawberry Banana Grape is a hybrid strain created by crossing Strawberry, Grape, and Banana OG, an OG Kush hybrid . The goal of this hybrid was to make an extremely aromatic plant that inherited all of its parents’ most outstanding qualities.

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Strawberry Banana Grape Marijuana Effects

Cannabis aficionados appreciate this strain in part because it is mild and understated. This isn’t the right strain for you if you seek a powerful high.  Strawberry Banana Grape is for a pleasant mind-high without the frantic rush.

Strawberry Banana Grape is your jam if you’re looking for a pleasant mind-high without the frantic rush. Within minutes of their first hit, smokers report feeling their negative thoughts dissipate. You may compare it to the relief you feel after removing a thorn. Beginning with the low of comfort, it gradually raises the person to a state of happiness. There are times when one’s level of joy rises to the point of elation though not to the point where one loses control.

A gradual bodily buzz follows the mental high—a barely perceptible difference. When added to the improved disposition, individuals can finally unwind. Consequently, Strawberry Banana Grape will only make you feel glued once you use them in large quantities. Optimism boosts are so common they can give smokers new life.

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How does it Smell?

Aromatically, Strawberry Banana Grape is strong and somewhat spicy. One telltale sign that you’re inhaling marijuana is if you also detect a musky, earthy aroma. The distinctive strawberry aroma makes this strain one of the most pleasant to the senses. The scent of fresh strawberries, like the scent of other natural fruits, is generally appreciated.

How does it Taste?

When people smell it, they tend to have high expectations for its taste. Strawberry Banana Grape succeeds admirably in this respect. You’ll notice the candy-like, dessert-like taste of berries & grapes with a pronounced chemical undertone immediately after taking a puff. Exhaled air carries a hint of spice. This strain deserves to be mentioned alongside others known for its delicious flavors.

Growing Strawberry Banana Grape Seeds

This plant’s adaptability makes it open to a wide range of cultivation interpretations. It’s easy for producers to experiment and figure out what works best for them, so it’s suitable for a wide range of environments.

It’s worth noting that this plant develops into a bushy shape. As a result of their thickness, the branches break easily under even light loads. This is why most plants, whether cultivated indoors or out, require some support.

Strawberry Banana Grape is known to produce buds with a fruity profile, with many commentators attributing berry or citrus notes to the strain.

Strawberry Banana Grape THC Levels

This strain is quite popular on the west coast of the United States due to its flavor, which is liked by almost everyone, and its high, which is laid-back but energizing. On top of everything else, cannabis testing labs have repeatedly discovered that the blooms of Strawberry Banana Grape have between 15% and 20% THC.

Strawberry Banana Grape Flowering

The resulting hybrid has the structure of a Sativa plant and grows in the shape of a well-branched pyramid to a height of two to three meters, with a cola that is more prominent in the center.

This particular strain can generate a harvest of up to 17 ounces per square meter when grown within a grow tent and up to 28 ounces per plant when grown outside in rich soil. The crop will be ready for harvesting after a maturation period of approximately 9-10 weeks.

Strawberry Banana Grape Yield

Strawberry Banana Grape yields 17 ounces of juicy buds per square meter. However, if you choose to grow outside, you will harvest up to 28 ounces of top-quality weed per plant! This strain, like most others, will be ready for harvest in the month of October.

Strawberry Banana Grape Cannabis FAQ

Strawberry Banana Grape is a hybrid strain created by crossing Strawberry, Grape, and Banana OG, an OG Kush hybrid. The goal of this hybrid was to make an extremely aromatic plant that inherited all of its parents’ most outstanding qualities.

There isn’t one definitive explanation, and other factors could be at play. It would make sense for hyperventilation to occur if someone were under the influence of cannabis and experiencing anxiety. Some people report tingling in their hands and face after using drugs, possibly due to a neurological system or sensory overload.

Strawberry Banana Grape Reviews

Have you ever tried or cultivated this strain? We would really appreciate it if you could let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this particular strain of marijuana.

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