Strawberry Banana Grape Strain Review

strawberry banana auto fastbuds

Unlike many other strains, Strawberry Banana Grape is best for all kinds of growers. It’s hardy, making it easier for beginners to use, but it can also be satisfying for advanced growers, allowing them to test their skills. The plant is very versatile, allowing for a lot of growing interpretation. It can be grown in nearly any condition, and growers can determine what works best for them with ease.

One thing that should be noted about this plant is it’s bush-like growth. The branches are thick, and tend to get weighed down easily. Because of this, they need to be supported in most cases, whether they’re grown indoors or outdoors. 

The buds that Strawberry Banana Grape produces tend to lean towards the fruity side of things, with many people saying it has a berry or citrus palette. In addition to this, you’ll also be treated to excellent spiced flavors, sometimes peppery in nature. The high that most people report is cerebral, allowing them to feel soothed and euphoric.

Genetics: Strawberry X Grape X Banana OG
Variety: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Height: 2 to 3 Metres
Flowering Time: 60 to 65 Days
THC: 15% to 20%
Flavor: Spices, Herbs, Berry, Citrus, Peppery
Yield: 400 to 800 g/m2