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Space Cake Strain

Space Cake Marijuana Strain

Your search is over if you’re searching for a truly otherworldly strain. For those who want to chill down and lose track of time all day, the Space Cake breed is the way to go. The head high is the perfect blend of euphoria and intensity, making it a favorite among seasoned consumers. 

With your muscles completely relaxed, you and your companion can sit back and talk for hours about everything that is on your mind.

This variety produces a body high that can provide unparalleled relief from stress, tension, and pain in the muscles.

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Space Cake Weed Origins

The Girl Scout Cookies plus White Lotus in the Space Cakes strain create an otherworldly hybrid. The breeders at Bodhi Seeds chose the most well-balanced offspring from these two strains to create Space Cake, which has a mildly indica-leaning high. 

This produces a strain with a whopping THC content, typically over 20%. Even seasoned consumers will feel the effects of this 65/35 indica/Sativa combination.

Space Cake Cannabis Effects

If you smoke some space cake, you won’t have to wait too long to blast out into space. You’ll feel like you can go to the moon & back after only one hit. A soft hum begins in the temples and spreads outward, and then calm settles in as it does. Relaxation and vitality continue to come in equal measure, keeping the head high and stable.

The physical high complements the mental one beautifully. Relaxation permeates every part of the body, from head to toe. You won’t feel like leaving the house, but you won’t feel drowsy. It’s perfect for a group of friends getting together for a long evening of chitchat and entertainment. In any case, make sure there are refreshments handy.

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Smell & Flavour

Space Cake smells surprisingly earthy. You may anticipate a blend of herbs and spices, with a touch of nuttiness. The bitter and sweet odor of burnt buds lingers in the air for hours.

Space cakes, a delicious edible treat manufactured from of marijuana, are a good analog in terms of flavor. The strain has an impact that is nutty and peppery with notes of sweet spiciness. The spicy, earthy, and herbaceous aroma returns on the exhale.

Growing Space Cake Seeds

Even in terms of physical development, there is no pressure. Space Cake, according to gardeners, is a breeze to cultivate. It responds well to fertilizers, thrives in bright light, and matures quickly. Assuming you don’t make these rookie errors, you should have an extraterrestrial harvest.

Without a doubt, a greenhouse is ideal for this variety of plants. The area is just the proper amount of sunny and warm, with plenty of potentials to develop further. Producing their full potential requires a large amount of room because the plants spread out and grow to a height of about five feet.

Indoor cultivation is viable, provided adequate light is available. Maximizing a plant’s exposure to light is easy with the help of Screen of Green growth and trellising. Each bud site needs a certain amount of light in order to flourish, and the more light there is, the larger the buds will get.

Bugs may be a problem with this strain. Protecting your plants from pests is easier when you grow them indoors or in a greenhouse. If you must apply a pesticide, choose one that is not harmful to people, such as neem oil. Because of this, you can continue using the insecticide right up until harvest time.

Flowering Time & Yield

Growing Indoor

Space Cake marijuana is a pretty good bet for indoor cultivation. Most plants grown in soil are ready to be picked after only around nine weeks. When using grow lights, you should expect yields of 10-12 oz per square meter.

Growing Outdoor

Most farmers in the northern hemisphere start picking their crops around the first of October. It is possible to harvest 14-16 oz per plant in a greenhouse or outdoors if pests are kept at bay.

Ten to twelve ounces per square foot indoors, and fourteen to sixteen oz per plant outdoors.

Space Cake THC ranges between 15-23%.

Girl Scout Cookies was crossed with White Lotus in order to create the Space Cake strain,

Space Cake is a hybrid strain of marijuana that leans more heavily toward Indica.

Space Cake Reviews

Have you ever tried or cultivated this strain? We would really appreciate it if you could let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this particular strain of marijuana.

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