South African Kwazulu Strain Review

South African Kwazulu

One of the most unique strains available today, South African Kwazulu is a primarily wild strain found in South Africa. Because it is derived from something that grows in the wild, it’s fairly easy for most beginners, and can be a great entry into growing. One of the most desirable details about this strain is how quickly it flowers, producing buds within 60 to 65 days. Sometimes, examples of the strain will flower in as little as 55 days, however. 

Some of the properties that make this the best “first plant” for novices are its ability to resist pests and its environmental tolerances. It can be grown just about anywhere with little to no issues.

South African Kwazulu is a very fruity strain, with most people reporting that it is sweet with every hit. You can expect to feel uplifted and energized with this strain, with a very cerebral high that stimulates users. Historically, it was used by warriors as a pre-battle rite in the late 1800’s, with these effects being the reason behind the rite itself.

Genetics: Kwazulu (South African)
Variety: Sativa
Height: 1 to 3 Metres
Flowering Time: 60 to 65 Days
THC: 15% to 20%
Flavor: Sweet, Fruity
Yield: 350 to 500 g/m2