Sour Banana Sherbet Strain

sour banana sherbet 450 x 450 px 1

Sour Banana Sherbet, also known as Sour Banana Sherbert, was developed by Crockett Family Farms by crossing AJ’s Sour Diesel and Banana Sherbet strains. 

The result is a perfectly balanced hybrid that most enthusiasts can enjoy. The high provides the best aspects of both Sativa and Indica, changing as time passes. This strain is very easy to grow, having no special requirements. This makes it particularly appealing to novice growers.

The strain itself, though, is best left to experienced THC enthusiasts. It is strong, with THC content hovering around 20%, allowing it to hit hard. Users report that the beginning of the high is energizing and euphoric, offering focus and concentration. 

The end of the high is relaxing, making users sleepy. Sour Banana Sherbert takes most of its flavour profile from its parent, Sour Diesel. Diesel is the strongest flavor, making a bold, upfront appearance. Following the diesel, flavor come the sweet, citrusy banana tones that people love from Banana Sherbet.

Our Rating

Strain Info

Growing it

AJ’s Sour Diesel x Banana Sherbet
50/50 Hybrid
400-550g/m2 yields
45-55 days flowering

Smoking it

Makes you – happy, euphoric, relaxed
Helps with – stress, anxiety, depression
Flavor is – diesel, sweet, citrus
Strong 19%-22% THC