Seemango Strain

Seemango 450 x 450

The Seemango strain is an Indica-dominant strain that grows long and tall, producing an excellent yield.  Any grower will have an easy time with this agreeable strain. Users can expect an uplifting and positive buzz from this plant, which is mentally stimulating and relaxing.

The flavor profile is extremely fruity. Users can expect a sweet taste that lingers if partaking in this particular variety. The uplifting buzz that comes with the Seemango strain will serve users well who are dealing with anxiety symptoms, as it takes a little off the brain and allows a calmness to overtake the body.

To close, the Seemango strain is a unique hybrid that grows tall and is easy to produce. Users should have little trouble cultivating this strain, enjoying the fruity taste and the stimulating, relaxing sensation that comes with it. Those suffering from anxiety will find a unique relief in the Seemango strain’s buds, enjoying a break from the symptoms that exist in their everyday lives.

Our Rating

Strain Info

Growing it

Jack Hammer X Big Skunk Korean
80% Indica
550g/m2 yield
56-63 days flowering

Smoking it

Makes you – relaxed, uplifted & motivated
Helps with – anxiety
Flavor is – fruity
THC – 19%