Purple nurple

Purple Nurple Strain

Purple Nurple Marijuana Strain

Growing demand for more strong and flavorful strains has led to the creation of Purple Nurple. Male Purple Pakistan Chitral Kush 2006 cut was crossed with a female Malawi x Dancehall Mapetit F1 chosen cut, so farmers may anticipate beautiful purple hues in the late stages of blooming thanks to the colder temps. Purple nurple plants are 60% indica and 40% Sativa.

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Purple Nurple Cannabis Effects & Smell

The multifaceted aroma is highly enticing, and it carries notes of tangerines, oranges, and grapes in addition to red fruits. The effect is extremely well-balanced between the mental and physical aspects of the user’s experience. The production of CBD is not particularly great, but the production of terpenes is quite significant, with myrcene being among the most common.

Growing Purple Nurple Seeds

Purple The structure of a Nurple plant is sturdy and multi-branched, and it is particularly adaptable to a variety of growth methods and procedures. Flowering begins at much less than 70 days, and can occur up to a week or so early in some cases. It produces such a large quantity of resin that not only the flowers and petioles, but also the leaves, get a frosty coating as a result. 

The yields can range from average to high based on the usual aspects of an individual’s competence and the conditions of the local environment. Filtration systems are highly suggested for use indoors!

cannabis strain FAQ

Whether grown indoors purple nurple can produce 16oz per plant. Outdoors this strain can easily produce double that or about 35 ounces from a single plant.

Purple nurple has a THC level of 20-23%, depending on growing conditions.

In response to the market’s need for a strain with greater potency and flavor, Purple Nurple was developed. The Malawi x Dancehall Mapetit F1 chosen cut male was crossed with the Purple Pakistan Chitral Kush 2006 cut female, so growers may look forward to purple hues in the later phases of blooming.

Purple Nurple Reviews

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