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Pot of Gold Strain

Pot of Gold Marijuana Strain

Finally, one of the best pot jokes ever made: the Pot o’ Gold. Obtaining a genuine pot of gold there at end of every rainbow is nothing compared to the benefits of smoking this indica-dominant strain. Indeed, leprechauns need to be seeking for this variety as well.

Even if it has a pleasant aroma, Pot of Gold might not be the strongest or most fragrant strain. However, the strain as a whole provides a high that is undeniably satisfying. Consequently, many consumers find it therapeutic to smoke some Pot of Gold after a tiring day.

It is obvious that anyone who uses Pot of Gold will experience the kind of euphoria that leaves them feeling like they’ve earned a respite from their problems.

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Pot of Gold Weed Origins

The Flying Dutchmen are the breeders responsible for creating the Pot of Gold. The strain’s genetic makeup is a result of a hybrid between the pungent Skunk No. 1 and the feared Hindu Kush. In 1985, the Dutch were the first to successfully grow a Pot of Gold.

Regarding Indica varieties, Pot of Gold has twice been a High Times Cannabis Cup champion, first in 1998 and again in 2003. The entire cannabis world is still incredibly impressed by the strain today.

Pot of Gold Cannabis Effects

As soon as you take your first hit of Pot of Gold, you’ll feel the soaring narcotic-like high it’s known for. Despite having a very low percentage of Sativa, this strain produces an immediate and potent cerebral high that is both uplifting and cerebral.

Given its pedigree, one would assume that consuming Pot of Gold would be a typical sedative experience that induces sleep like few others. Consequently, consumers could experience an extreme state of calm, which is frequently accompanied by a surge in appetite. Pot of Gold has been known to lock a person onto a couch for up to two hours.

Pot of Gold is just an excellent nighttime strain for experienced users with a high tolerance, as its calming effects can continue for hours and the highest THC content is 23%.

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Smell & Flavour

Classically spicy and hashy in aroma, Pot of Gold also features undertones of sweet, fruity, and floral notes. Some people who have used it say it smells like a skunk urinated on an apple tree. Even while the general public might not enjoy the smell, regular pot smokers find it to be quite nice.

That’s also true for the taste of Pot of Gold. The strain produces a hash with a sweet and fruity flavor that veterans are sure to enjoy.

Growing Pot of Gold Seeds

You may cultivate Pot of Gold either indoors or outdoors. It is not, however, the ideal strain for first-time cultivators. Because of its sensitivity to mold if the optimum levels of temperature and humidity in the growing area are not maintained, the plant requires a little more attention and knowledge.

Prospective growers are encouraged to cut back the plant’s side stems low on the plant to increase air flow, as this strain has special needs for light and air.

Flowering Time & Yield

Growing Indoor

It takes approximately 8 to 9 weeks for Pot of Gold to bloom indoors. If you give this strain the attention it deserves, it will reward you with substantial harvests. In fact, a total harvest of up to 21 oz per square meter is possible with this strain.

Growing Outdoor

If the plant is properly cared for and kept in a warm, dry environment, the buds can be harvested mid to late October. Even in the open air, the output can be substantial, up to 31 ounces for every plant.

Expect 15 to 23% THC for Pot of Gold cannabis strain, it varies and depends on how good the growing environment was.

Pot of Gold is a 90% Indica Hybrid so its almost a pure indica strain. This cannabis strain was made by the Dutch who crossed Hindy Kush with Skunk #1. Pot of Gold has won the High Time Cannabis Cup twice. 

The famous Afghani landrace strain Hindu Kush is a direct ancestor of Pot of Gold, which is 90% Indica. This strain produces a strong but conventional Indica high, with the associated drawbacks of sleepiness and euphoria.

It smells and tastes like like hash: sweet and peppery. The Three Jesters Clone Nursery claims their average THC content is 15%, based on laboratory testing. Developed by the producers at The Flying Dutchmen, Pot of Gold is a hybrid between the legendary Hindu Kush and the original Skunk #1. It smells and tastes just like hash, which means it’s sweet.

Pot of Gold Reviews

Have you ever tried or cultivated your own strain? We would really appreciate it if you could let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this particular strain of marijuana.

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