Old Time Moonshine Strain

Old Time Moonlight 450 x 450

With a name like Old Time Moonshine, you know you’re getting something great. This strain of cannabis is the result of a project dedicated to preserving the strain itself. 

The strain originated from a veteran breeder, DJ Short, and this version of the strain is a perfect clone of the original plant. Old Time Moonshine is a unique strain, with many mutations that can’t be found in any other cannabis plant. It’s known as a true hash plant, due to the production of large, clear gland heads.

This strain is a medium height, but it requires a great amount of care. It’s not the best starter plant, but anyone with a little bit of know-how can grow it. Old Time Moonshine is a true hybrid, and it’s very well-balanced. It has a classic cannabis flavor, being musky and earthy. 

However, the Indica tends to shine through, providing a fruity taste in some buds. The aroma it provides is best described as blueberry muffins. This plant is in a league of its own. The high that it produces is best described as a strong body high, so expect to experience a little bit of couch-lock if your tolerance is low.

Our Rating

Strain Info

Growing it

50/50 Hybrid
300-450g/m2 yields
50-55 Days flowering

Smoking it

Makes you – happy, uplifted, energetic
Helps with – stress, anxiety, depression
Flavor is – musky, earthy, fruity
Strong 10-15% THC