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Now and Later Strain

Now and Later Cannabis Strain

The Now and Later strain of marijuana (21% THC average; also known as Now & Later and Now N Laterz) is a unique hybrid. A minimum of 20% THC is present in this extremely strong strain. According to some reports, the maximum THC content is 26%. Beyond Top Shelf created Now and Later, a cross between their indica-dominant Zkittlez and their Sativa-dominant Abula.

This hybrid’s genetics combine the best of both the Now and the Later strains, producing an equally enjoyable effect on the body and the mind. The high hits both the intellect and the body, although the latter’s strength makes it feel more like an indica high than anything else.

Terpenes such as pinene, limonene, & terpinolene are present, although myrcene is the most abundant. When combined, these terpenes provide a wealth of medicinal advantages. In this evaluation of the Now and Later strain of marijuana, we’ll go into greater detail about these topics.

The terpenes in the Now and Later variety are responsible for their enticing aroma and flavor.

Strain Information

Now & Later Strain Genetics

According to some reports, the maximum THC content is 26%. Beyond Top Shelf created Now and Later, a cross between their indica-dominant Zkittlez and their sativa-dominant Abula.

cannabis strain effects

Now and Later Marijuana Effects

This is a creeper strain, as the label Now and Later suggests. Even though you’ll feel its effects immediately, the full force won’t be revealed until several inhalations have passed. An immediate rush of happiness will wash over you, elevating your spirit but doing little to boost your stamina or mental focus. 

Before the acute sensation sets in, this joy pours over the body like a warm bath. 

You can expect to feel calm, relaxed, and inspired after smoking this strain. This comforting feeling washes over you until you’re completely submerged in it, taking you from a state of mild drowsiness to full-on couch lock and, finally, a sound sleep.

You will feel better if you have trouble sleeping, are constantly exhausted, or can’t seem to sit still.

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How does it Smell?

The genetics of the Now & Laterz strain incorporate a variety of terpenes, which work together to provide a complex aroma. The overarching scent is that of a sweet fruit, with a secondary note of grassy earth.

When smoked, the sweet citrus takes on a tarter note and is joined by a woody, rubbery aroma. The ensuing scent is aromatic and refreshing.

What is the Flavour?

The fact that this strain is named after a sweet is not coincidental. The sugary flavor is similar to a delicious treat thanks to a combination of fruity notes like apricot, grape, watermelon, and citrus.

There are hints of diesel, timber, and spicy soil before it turns adorable, and the aftertaste is rich and satisfying. Cheese, pine, and toasted nut undertones could be discernible.

Growing Now & Later Seeds

Finally, the bad news about this assessment of the Now and Later strain of marijuana: you won’t be able to find any seeds of your own anytime soon. It won’t be simple to track this one down. Those who can get through this first difficulty will find the plant difficult to cultivate overall. Growing it demands a lot of care and skill, whether in a greenhouse, outdoors, or any combination of the three.

This one may cause you more stress than anything else if you’re starting out with cannabis cultivation. In the hands of seasoned cultivators, she can be a temperamental and demanding plant, so it’s important to evaluate your capabilities before taking on this challenge.

Sugary, gummy trichomes cover the plant, making it dense and sticky. This may pique your interest because of the promise of unique tastes and effects, but it also means you must watch for signs of shrinking, mold, and mildew in the powder.

The Now and Later strain is not hardy and needs regular trimming to be healthy. Careful attention to the photoperiod cycle, humidity conditions, and appropriate netting to prevent drooping and withering is also required (especially during the flowering stage).

Your plant will need regular training, care, and monitoring for optimal growth.

Now & Later Flowering

Steady plant growth but careful tending to colas requires human intervention. Protecting the plants is especially important during the flowering phase so that harvests can be maximized.

Now and Later Yield

Although most growers report a flowering time of 65 days, some have seen it extend as long as 79 days. The average yield per square foot for a successful crop is between 0.5 and 1 ounce.

In 12 weeks outdoors, you should expect to harvest 1-2 ounces per plant.

Now N Later Weed FAQ

The two most common types of marijuana plants, indica, and Sativa, are the names for their respective subspecies (cannabis being the species). A hybrid strain contains both Sativa & indica genes. Since it is a hybrid, Now and Later displays characteristics of both indica and Sativa cannabis strains very evenly. This hybrid has been said to produce indica-leaning effects despite its 50/50 Sativa/indica ratio.

This strain is small-yielding and yields about 10 oz per square meter indoors or 2 oz per plant outdoors.

Zkittlez was crossed with Abula.

Now and Later Reviews

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