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Master Cookies Strain

Master Cookies Cannabis Strain

Due to its origins in an Amsterdam apartment complex, the Master Cookies strain was initially known as “High Rise.”  Snoop Dogg has publicly endorsed this strain and won not one but two Cannabis Cups, making it one of the most illustrious in the industry.

This potent indica is revered for its relaxing effects on the body without immobilizing the mind. Master Cookies perfectly balances the best highs to produce a pleasant, all-over experience that won’t weigh you down mentally.


Master Cookies Guide

Master Cookies Marijuana Genetics

The Master Cookies strain is a mix of the  Red Khyber x SoCal Master Kush strain x Girl Scout Cookies strain (Forum Cut). The medical marijuana community in Southern California considers SoCal Master Kush, available solely as clones, among the most potent strains available. The legendary Bubba Kush may have had SoCal Master Kush as a father. Master Kush produces a full Indica high and contains dense, resin-covered flowers.

Master Cookies Weed Effects

This indica is not a good choice for beginners. The effects of smoking Master Cookies do not require many puffs because it is a potent strain. It will put you into a heavy couch lock, which will relax your entire body & produce magnificent sights, both of which will enhance your enjoyment of the experience.

When you consume Master Cookies, you may expect your body to get tingling and pleasant. If you’re coming from a long day of work, mainly if you have spent time rushing about completing tasks, you will enjoy the consequences of this strain. This is especially true if you’ve spent more time running around accomplishing tasks.

This nearly pure indica strain will have a mild effect on your intellectual high, but its primary product is to provide a deep sense of relaxation throughout your entire body. When you smoke Master Kush, you will experience a certain euphoria. It will keep you feeling persistently pleased & uplifted for several hours, eventually preparing you for bed & a long & comfortable night of sleep.

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How does it Smell?

Its pungent, dank aroma quickly identifies Master Cookies. This kind has a pleasant scent evocative of an earthy-citrus flavor that is mildly aromatic and sweet. Master Kush has a robust aroma that may be detected at only a whiff.

What is the Flavour?

The flavor of this strain is sharp. Master Kush has a flavor that’s both nice and smooth, with a woody-sweet quality. Similar to the way it smells, the taste is excellent and earthy, with a jolt of citrus.

Growing Master Cookies Cheese Seeds

Growing Master Cookies is a breeze. Getting this well-engineered variety to thrive in the outdoors, where it can soak up lots of sun in a hot and tropical region, will result in a substantial harvest. This indica has a compact frame and requires little attention, thanks to its resistance to a wide variety of common pests, diseases, and molds.

Master Cookies Flowering

It takes this strain an average of eight to ten weeks to bloom & become ready for a full harvest after it has been planted. And when grown outside in general, this strain ought to be ready for harvesting from the end of September or the beginning of October at the earliest.

Master Cookies Yield

When cultivated indoors, a Master Cookies plant may typically be expected to produce a harvest of approximately 14 oz of cannabis per square meter.

When grown outside in warm, sunny settings, a single Master Kush plant has the potential to produce a harvest of approximately 18 oz on average. 

Master Cookies Strain FAQ

Master Cookies is 90% Indica cannabis strain.

The THC levels of Master Cookies can reach up to 24%.

Master Cookies Reviews

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