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Mac and Cheese Strain

Mac & Cheese Cannabis Strain

Mac & Cheese is not just for stoners, despite what its name might imply. Instead, it’s an expertly cultivated strain of marijuana with multiple phenotypes selected for maximum effect and flavor.

Mac n Cheese is a hybrid strain that combines the best features of its parent strains, Mac Miracle Alien Cookies + Alien Cheese. In my opinion, the Mac n’ Cheese strain is worth every penny. The effects of the Mac & Cheese strain of marijuana are about 50-50 between indica and sativa.

Although its pleasant taste and perfume are sure to win you over, the potent THC level will make you realize who is in command. While smoking a bowl of Mac n Cheese from a bong might put you in a mellow, social mood, novice smokers might want to think twice before trying it.


Mac & Cheese Guide

Mac & Cheese Marijuana Genetics

Mac n Cheese is a hybrid strain that combines the best features of its parent strains, Mac Miracle Alien Cookies + Alien CheeseCapulator, a grower from California, is credited with creating mac and cheese. This new strain is a cross between two of their best:

Cookies called Miracle Alien were created when Capulator crossed a combination of the Colombian strain with a strain called Starfighter. Use those Alien Cheese Miracle Cookies and make something out of this world!

Mac has a high percentage of THC and a fruity, zingy diesel flavor. The child of Blue Cheese & Alien Rift, Alien Cheese has a lower THC level (about 14%) but more of a pungent scent and hashy flavor to make up for it.

Mac n Cheese Weed Effects

Laziness, lethargicness, and sleepiness are common reactions to a large serving of Macaroni and Cheese, and an even larger serving of Mac n Cheese is sure to have the same effect.

This cannabis kind induces a noticeable and rapid mental high, perfect for stimulating original thought and pleasant conversation.

Mac & Cheese’s indica-like effects slowly set in and overwhelm the body with a sensation of calmness, making it the ideal strain for winding down at the end of a long day or indulging in a binge-watching session of your favorite episodes without feeling guilty.

Since it’s a hybrid, the effects of the Mac & Cheese strain are well-balanced, hitting you with a nice mix of both cerebral and bodily buzz.

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How does it Smell?

The Mac ‘n Cheese has a rich perfume appealing due to its alluring blend of earthy diesel and herbal spiciness. The skunkiness adds dimension to the aroma. Its aroma is sophisticated, and users often choose it over sugary, fruity strains.

What is the Flavour?

A review of the Mac N Cheese variety would be unable to do credit to the delicious and varied flavors that can be achieved with this plant. The sugary tropical notes combine naturally with the sour citrus taste and are topped with delicate floral aromas and a slight pepperiness. On the tail end, there’s a faint diesel appeal.

Growing Mac & Cheese Seeds

Plants developed from seeds of the Mac & Cheese strain are both vigorous and bushy, with lots of dense foliage and tasty nuggets.  It has sugar leaves are a light purple color, and its buds are a forest green with just a white frosting of resin.

This plant exhibits sativa characteristics by flourishing in warm, humid climates; however, Mac & Cheese data suggests occasional pruning to increase ventilation, lowering the likelihood of bud rot or pests.

Mac & Cheese Flowering

The Mac & Cheese strain’s reliable and predictable genetics mean that its blooming and harvesting seasons mirror those of its parents. The flowering time for plants grown indoors typically takes between 8 and 9 weeks. In mid-October, outdoor gardeners should expect a crop.

Mac and Cheese Yield

As seeds of the Mac n Cheese variety become more commonly accessible, more and more farmers are starting to work with it. The growing period for Mac n’ Cheese is comparable to that of other chronic hybrids, and the strain has easy-to-grow characteristics that increase its allure.

Indoors or out, you’ll see fruitful results from this method. Growing cannabis inside yields about 1.4 ounces every square foot, whereas increasing it outdoors yields about 16 ounces per plant.

Mac and Cheese Strain FAQ

Mac and Cheese is a hybrid cannabis strain with an even THC distribution between Indica and Sativa. Thus the high it provides is evenly distributed.

With a THC content of up to 29%, the Mac & Cheese strain is among the highest of all cannabis plants, making it ideal for the more daring of novice smokers.

Perhaps with adding pasta sauce to your bong, but otherwise, no. Its name stems from the strains from which it was bred: Miracle Alien Cookies (or Mac for short) & Alien Cheese.

Mac and Cheese Reviews

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