Lemon Thai Kush Strain

Lemon Thai Kush 450 x 450 px 1

Lemon Thai Kush is a plant that should really only be grown by the experienced grower. The reason behind this statement is due to the sheer size of the plant itself. While it can be grown both indoors and outdoors, it’s going to want to grow as tall as possible. Some examples of Lemon Thai Kush have been measured at 4 metres tall, making it an absolute giant. 

As such, a grower attempting to grow it indoors will have to monitor it constantly. Additionally, most beginning growers don’t have access to a space where they could grow such a monstrous plant outdoors. It also provides astonishing yields, with outdoor plants providing up to 3 kilos of buds per plant.

This Sativa dominant hybrid has a strong lemon flavor alongside pine and cedar notes. Some examples have been reported as being peppery, as well. It’s a very strong strain, and many users report a psychedelic feeling when smoking it, along with a heavy cerebral high. As such, there are no medicinal effects to be reported from this strain.

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Strain Info

Growing it

Lemon Thai X Kush
80% Sativa
550-3000g/m2 yield
60 to 65 days flowering

Smoking it

Makes you – introspective, focused & energetic
Helps with – migraines, nausea & anxiety
Flavor is – lemon, pepper, cedar, pine
THC – 15% to 20%