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Key Lime Pie Strain

Key Lime Pie Marijuana Strain

Breeders have been working hard to produce their unique takes on established marijuana Sativa and indica strains to capitalize on the plant’s meteoric rise in popularity. However, only some varieties can trace their roots to a hybrid ancestor. For instance, Burning Bush Nurseries’ Key Lime Pie is a rare form of the Girl Scout Cookies species (GSC).

GSC is a well-respected strain that produces euphoric feelings in the mind and total physical relaxation. It has also resulted in the developing of several phenotypes, some of which have gone on to achieve similar levels of notoriety and acceptance. Thin Mints and Platinum Cookies are two others that come to mind.

The Key Lime Pie strain is quite potent. Therefore, it should never be undervalued by its users. In particular, first-time users of marijuana should start with a shallow dose and work their way up to higher doses over time.

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Key Lime Pie Weed Origins

Key Lime Pie is a hybrid marijuana strain that is a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies. It is also known for “Key Lime Cookies” or “Key Lime GSC.” Other names for this strain include “Key Lime GSC” and “Key Lime Cookies.” This variety is a parent of the tasty Chili Verde strain.

Key Lime Pie Cannabis Effects

The effects of smoking Key Lime Pie, a strain known for its speedy action, can be experienced almost instantly. At first, a feeling of extreme euphoria permeates one’s entire being. Clearer thinking and increased concentration are expected outcomes. It encourages original thinking and keeps people working hard. A gentle tingle has been ebbing and flowing through the body for quite some time now.

The strain stimulates the user’s mood as the calming effects of the drug begin to affect the body. Key Lime Pie’s charm lies in the fact that it does not suffocate its consumers when consumed in moderation. When the complete Indica characteristics develop, the effect is more like a pleasant daydream than mental confusion.

So that you know – its potency has already been remarked upon. Therefore, those who use too much will likely experience a profound sense of laziness. This is to say, it can potentially cause a couch lock.

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Smell & Flavour

At first, the strain gives off an aroma that is similar to lime and is quite sweet. A distinctly earthy undertone emerges and grows more prominent over time.

Lime tastes with a zesty undertone are a significant contributor to this strain called Key Lime Pie. After the exhale, it leaves an earthy and sweet flavor.

Growing Key Lime Pie Seeds

The Key Lime Pie hybrid is more complex to cultivate. Even though it does not necessarily mean that inexperienced growers will not be able to produce it effectively, the plant can realize its full potential only under the care of professional growers. However, the fact that its seeds cannot be purchased presents yet another obstacle to its cultivation. To the best of our knowledge, the only method to grow it for one’s use is to get a clipping for cloning.

In any case, you can grow this plant successfully either indoors or outdoors. Some of the things that growers are required to do, regardless of the environment in which it is being developed, would be to top them early. By doing so, it will be able to grow bushier with a large number of lateral branches. It has thick buds that range in size from relatively minor to medium. These bright green buds have the shape of nuggets and are covered in a heavy coating of icy crystals.

The marijuana strain known as Key Lime Pie is often considered among the most stunningly attractive varieties. Before it begins to flower, cultivators should move it to a location with a temperature that is around 10 degrees cooler than usual. This will help further enhance its look by giving it a purple tint. It starts a process that ultimately results in the plant’s flowers having a purplish hue.

Flowering Time & Yield

Growing Indoor

Soil provides better flavor, but hydroponics allows for rapid growth. Anyway, Key Lime Pie will flourish in the home environment. A full bloom takes 9–10 weeks to achieve. Growing time is a little longer than usual for Indica strains, but the 10–12 ounce harvest is well worth the wait.

Growing Outdoor

Early in October, the plant begins to bloom. Its ideal location would be somewhere that has a Mediterranean-style climate. When mature, each plant should yield 12 ounces or more of buds.

What about smoking or growing your own Key Lime Pie? Have you done either? Please share your thoughts on this weed kind in the section below.

Key Lime Pie is a variety most popular among recreational users. It is a unique genotype of the notorious GSC strain. It is well-liked in the community of cannabis lovers because of the excellent evaluations that focus on the strain’s potent Indica properties. It has a ratio of 75/25 between Indica and Sativa.

Key lime pie is so called because of the lemony aroma of the buds. It has a sweet, tangy, and, yes, slightly lime aroma.

Key lime pie is so called because of the lemony aroma of the buds. It has a sweet, tangy, and, yes, slightly lime aroma.

Patients who use medical cannabis for pain relief will find that the Key Lime Pie strain is an excellent choice because of its capacity to induce waves of relaxation. It can dull aches and pains, regardless of whether they are transient or more persistent and ingrained. It also has the potential to be an effective treatment for insomnia, helping users fall into a restful, revitalizing slumber—hing sleep.

Key Lime Pie Reviews

Have you ever tried or cultivated this strain? We would really appreciate it if you could let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this particular strain of marijuana.

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