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Humboldt Dream Strain

Humboldt Dream Weed Strain Overview

Blue Dream ought to be sought by both recreational and medical consumers. It provides a calming body high while gently stimulating the mind, making it easier to tap into one’s inner feeling of joy. Its excellent yields, resistance, and low maintenance costs make it an appealing choice for producers.

Three rounds of backcrossing only served to strengthen its desirable characteristics. Contrarily, Humboldt Seed Company has a crown jewel in the form of a Purple Panty Dropper. Those who seek it out will be rewarded with a sweet strain with discernible undertones of grape and berries.

It produces an uplifting high that stimulates the brain first and then makes it’s way down through the body’s other parts. To some, its effects are like lighting a match to the raging blaze of earthly passion. In addition, the bag appeal is through the roof.

These two storied figures meet in Humboldt Dream. Its Indica-leaning progeny exhibits numerous extraordinary qualities. One of the benefits is a euphoric “head high” that makes it easier to relax and cope with issues like melancholy and anxiety.

In addition, its physiological benefits alleviate chronic pain in people suffering from disorders or diseases.

Strain Information

Humboldt Dream Strain Genetics

Purple Panty Dropper and Blue Dream Bx3 were crossed to create this strain.

cannabis strain effects

Humboldt Dream Strain Effects

The beginning of Humboldt Dream drags. At first, you’ll feel a calm exhilaration that helps you focus. It clears the mind of clutter, allowing ideas to flow more easily. Simultaneously, it dissolves concerns, leaving users with an inside sense of joy.

When combined with the initial emotional high, deep relaxation kneads away tension and rigidity in the body. Users are free to wander around while still getting their work done. The noise gradually decreases until it’s just a calming hum that stays in the arms and legs.

Humboldt Dream can be used to boost productivity in small doses. It helps people get things done without being worn out or stressed out. However, exceeding one’s tolerance can cause a couchlock or perhaps an unrestrained slumber.

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How does it Smell & Taste?

The aroma of Humboldt Dream is just a delicious combination of berries and other fruity notes. Unfortunately, diesel fumes join the sour overtones when the bud is burned.

Flavor-wise, Humboldt Dream leans toward the sweet side, with berry and fruit undertones. However, after being burned, the bud gives off a diesel-like sourness.

Growing Humboldt Dream Seeds

Some of the characteristics of Sativa can be found in Humboldt Dream. For example, its height can go as high as 15 feet. In addition, its leaves are narrow, and its buds, while compact, narrow at their tips. Indica characteristics such as a robust stalk, packed leaves, and a deep purple hue are also present.

It has superior resilience to typical pests and diseases, one of its best qualities. In addition, because it does well in a wide range of temperatures and humidity, it’s an excellent plant for growing outside.

Furthermore, unlike in a grow chamber, there are no confines on how far it can spread its roots or how high it can grow. This doesn’t rule out the possibility of indoor growing, either. Instead, it will need to undergo various developing tactics, such as pruning, to distribute air among the lowest nodes.

This will allow it to dry out more quickly, reducing the risk of fungal growth and rot in the roots and buds. This can be complemented by installing a sound ventilation system. Finally, it would be best if you considered using the Screen of Green technique. The cutting-edge cultivation method keeps it short while still providing structural integrity.

Multiple flowering locations are produced, and illumination is both increased and diffused. The plant must be exposed to lower night temperatures to bring out its flashes of almost-violet hues. Typically, only a 4- to 10-degree drop from daylight temperatures is required.

Flowering & Yield

Humboldt Dream can be harvested indoors after 7–9 weeks of growth. Once mature, it yields a significant yield of buds, from 16 OZ per square meter. 

Flowers blooming outdoors typically appear around the first, second, or third week of October. It can occur as early as the last week of September. The plant can yield 16 ounces or more of buds.

Humboldt Dream Weed FAQ

This, along with the high THC content of 15-26%, makes Humboldt Dream an effective medicine for managing chronic pain, stress, sleeplessness, and depression.

Humboldt Dream is an indica dominant 70/30 weed strain.

Humboldt Dream Reviews

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