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Horchata Strain

About Horchata Weed Strain

The Horchata strain, so called because it tastes like the famous dessert drink of the same name, is a cross between Jet Fuel Gelato & Mochi Gelato.

The euphoric effects and relaxing smoke of the combination are second to none. Horchata produces an excellently well-rounded high, with both soothing impacts on the body and a stimulating mental buzz. The THC content of horchata is relatively high, ranging from 19% to 25%. (if grown under ideal circumstances).

There are strains with as little as 16% THC that produce a substantial-high. The Horchata strain is perfect for scaling back evenings with good companions and stimulating conversation because its effects are pleasant and smooth rather than overwhelmingly overpowering, as with many potent strains.

Strain Information

Horchata Strain Genetics

The genetics of the Horchata strain is a tribute to its ancestry, which is rich in flavor, aroma, and potency. The Horchata strain was developed from the Jet Fuel Gelato (or Jetlato) offspring and the Mochi Gelato, so you know it’s a good one.

As measured by THC content, the hybrid strain known as Jet Fuel Gelato appears outrageously potent, with readings as high as 29%. It gives you a powerful, energizing high without the dreaded couchlock.

Another hybrid strain, Mochi Gelato, has been praised for its analgesic and emotional effects. Finally, the Horchata cannabis strain is on its path to becoming as well-known as its famous parents since it absorbed many desirable traits from them.

cannabis strain effects

Horchata Strain Effects

Any review of the Horchata strain will tell you that, while being indica dominant, it doesn’t seem very indica-y until you start loading up on it. The strain provides an enlightened, focused high that encourages original thought and fresh resolve.

This is the ideal strain for social gatherings with intimate friends or for engaging in creative pursuits. Even though it has a relatively low CBD level (around 0.6-0.8%), Horchata is incredibly effective in relieving pain, anxiety, and stress.

Additionally, the strain has shown remarkable efficacy in reducing the distress brought on by PTSD and other forms of extreme anxiety. However, Horchata has modest side effects, including dry eyes, dry mouth, and mild appetite, typical of cannabis. In addition, there is a possibility of moderate sedation with prolonged use.

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Smell & Taste?

Horchata’s unusual taste results from its high terpene content, which gives the drink a taste that matches its name. The remainder of the terpenes can build upon the myrcene’s foundation, making for a beautiful aroma.

When you break open your buds, you’ll be greeted by the refreshing aroma of mint and pine, along with rich earthy undertones, sweet vanilla, skunk, & gas. Flavors like orange citrus, cinnamon, spice, cloves, and berries help carry these aromas and tastes from the nose to the tongue.

The characteristic skunkiness is still there, but there is none of the harshnesses that might make you choke.

Growing Horchata Seeds

If you’re interested in growing the Horchata strain, you should be aware that it can be picky and demanding at various points in its life cycle.

Establishing and maintaining proper ventilation is the most critical piece of Horchata strain knowledge you can acquire, as it can make or break your harvest. You want enough flow of air to prevent moisture, which can lead to pests, mildew, and bud rot, but not so many that you dry plants outside or subject them to undue stress.

This one is best left in the hands of seasoned cultivators since it demands a delicate touch to keep the proper humidity and dryness levels.

Growing indoors, where circumstances may be more easily managed, is a good option for beginners who are up for the task. The horchata plant does best in the warm, dry, somewhat humid summers typical of the Mediterranean.

It can be cultivated indoors and out, though controlled circumstances are preferable because even a slight shift in the day/night cycle might throw off the plant’s development. Due to common diseases and insect resistance, the plants require close attention. Proper light penetration and air circulation also need to be regularly pruned.

Outdoors, the plants can reach heights of 60–80 inches (about 5 feet), whereas indoors, they reach heights of 30–60 inches. They yield compact nuggets of a minty hue, coated in milky amber trichomes and accented with subtly orange pistils.

Outdoor harvest often occurs all around the end of September or the beginning of October.

Flowering & Yield

The effort put into growing Horchata is rewarded with a bountiful crop, despite the plant’s demanding temperament. Because of its rapid growth, the photoperiod variety flowers in just 55-62 days. 

Information on the Horchata strain estimates a flowering of 49 days. However, this would require a master grower’s touch.

It’s unclear whether the Horchata strain leans more toward the Indica or Sativa side because it’s a hybrid. While most strains have a 65% indica content, others have a more even 50% India/50% Sativa ratio. The source matters a great deal. 

Although Compound Genetics is responsible for creating the original Horchata strain, many other growers have since released their drug versions. These include Backpack Boyz, Meraki Gardens, Dubz Gardens, and Wyeast Farms.

You can locate a variant of this strain that fits your preferences and gives you the high you’re looking for among the many growers who have worked with it.

Horchata cannabis is said to taste similar to the drink of the same name, with its sweet, creamy, and spicy undertones. The drink (pronounced orr-cha-tah) has its roots in North Africa, but it took off in Spain.

It’s primarily created with plant-based ingredients, including rice, cinnamon, and almonds, though some varieties use milk. A variety of drinks are made with the Horchata cannabis strain.

Horchata marijuana demands a skilled grower due to the strain’s finicky nature. The best results are seen in a warm, dry atmosphere where humidity and ventilation levels are carefully regulated.

Horchata Reviews

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