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High Octane Strain

High Octane Strain Overview

Here’s everything you need to know before reading this review of the High Octane strain. High Octane OG is, to begin with, not the same thing as Hi-Octane. Secondly, Hi-Octane pressure and the High Octane OG strain goes by “High Octane.” In a word, it isn’t easy. It’s a mess. In this case, it’s completely unneeded. We must press on, however, because the situation is what it is. 

There is some conjecture about the precise genetics of the High Octane strain, as there is with many contemporary cultivars. It’s either a hybrid of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, & Hindu Kush or an unnamed Indica strain.

It doesn’t matter where it came from; the High Octane breed is a potent indica that hits you like a stone and stays put. An ideal strain for unwinding in the evening. Similar to another related phenotype: K2 is a dominant Indica strain.

Strain Information

High Octane OG Genetics

The previous discussion has suggested that the genetics of the High Octane strain may result from a three-way cross between the Chemdawg, the Lemon Thai, and the Hindu Kush. And now, let’s take a closer look at these prospective parents.

The Chemdawg hybrid is highly sought after for its near-perfect combination of high THC content (+26% on average), savory flavor, and moderate effects. Its hybrid origins, from a meeting of two Sativa landraces from Nepal and Thailand, are likewise up for discussion.

We guarantee that all of our Lemon Thai plants come from authentic genetics. However, if you want to experiment with creating a strain close to High Octane OG but has your unique twist, Super Lemon Haze could be an excellent choice to include in the breeding process. In 2023, perhaps your novel will be the next big thing.

The genetic makeup of Lemon Thai is 60 percent Sativa and 40 percent indica. High in THC (between 16 and 22 percent), this Thai Sativa x Hawaiian mystery strain hybrid produces a pleasant state of mind and renewed energy. Another strain that is frequently utilized in combinations is the Hindu Kush. The average THC content of this pure Indica from the borderlands of Pakistan and Afghanistan is 20 percent.

cannabis strain effects

High Octane OG Strain Effects

Don’t be fooled by the name—the High Octane strain of marijuana won’t get you going. You’ll start to feel the effects of lethargy after the first puff, and by the time you finish your joint, you won’t remember ever having a list of things to do.

You’ll feel calm and joyful when the High Octane strain’s effects hit you like a powerful body stone, but your mind will be left with a lovely sense of pleasure. In addition, you may count on great chit-chat, hilarity, and deep contemplation.

cannabis smell taste

How does it Smell & Taste?

Classic OG aromas of sour citrus, spices, damp soil, and herbs all unite in the scent of the High Octane cannabis strain. It has a chemical tone that hints at its power and is very harsh and dank. Bisabolol, Carene, Phellandrene, Ocimene, & Pulegone are some of its terpenes.

The aroma is a spot-on predictor of the satisfying taste that awaits. It has a powerful smell that combines a hint of earthy pine and lemon with the acidic citrus notes of lemon and lime. Herbal and spicy notes predominate on the exhale, with a distinct “chemically” aftertaste.

Growing High Octane Seeds

Growing high-octane seeds might be difficult, but the payoff is substantial if successful. You could get a good (or even plentiful) harvest with the proper instructions. Although sourcing authentic High Octane seeds could be challenging, there are viable alternatives available in hybrids. Plants from the High Octane strain often reach a height of 2.5 m to 5 m. (30-60 inches). 

The plants favor a Mediterranean or temperate climate and have a structure that is quite typical of indicas, with dense green nugs, yellow pistils, and a thick layer of dense crystal trichomes. Observe the young plants. Pruning and trimming them regularly helps prolong their life by improving their exposure to light and air. If you want to maintain your anonymity, you should be aware of the potency of its scent.

While the cost of High Octane seeds is higher than average, they more than pay for themselves in the end product.

High Octane OG THC Levels

The THC content of High Octane OG is exceptionally high, at 17%-22%. Knowing when and how to harvest your plants is the key to achieving higher concentrations of THC when growing your own. CBD concentrations in the High Octane strain range from 0.02% to 1.18%.

Hi-Octane OG Weed FAQ

Body-heavy effects characterize the 100% Indica strain High Octane OG. Hi- The benefits of Octane, a hybrid with a 50/50 ratio, are evenly distributed, providing mental clarity and excitement while causing fewer physical highs. Similar in THC content (up to 24%), but its ancestry also includes Sunset Sherbet & Octane. 

Checking if the High Octane variety is Sativa or Indica is the easiest way to tell which iteration you’re working with. Customer reviews of the High Octane strain aren’t going to be able to guarantee you’ll get the exact product you want. The advice of a knowledgeable budtender is invaluable when you’re looking to buy High Octane strain.

Some High Octane seeds strains might cost as much as $100 per seed. To get an idea of how much you can save, type “High Octane strain near me” into a search engine and see how many dispensaries come up.

High Octane OG is, without a doubt, top-shelf cannabis. Using this cannabis grading system, you can tell the good from the low-quality stuff. Marijuana with a quality grade of A+ (often known as “Quads”) is the best possible.

Hi Octane OG Reviews

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