Guavi Strain Review

guawi seeds

The Guawi Strain is a powerful plant that is easy for any grower to bring to life, producing a high yield and an even higher potency.  The plants from the Guawi Strain grow quickly and aggressively, just like the potency hidden within. This pure sativa strain offers long-lasting psychedelic effects that might be overpowering to some.

The flavor profile is highly refined, pulling together elements of mango, peach, and strawberry bubble gum with a hint of spice that comes from the Tikal 4.  It offers therapeutic effects for those experiencing severe forms of anxiety, though medical use has been limited thus far with this particular strain.

To close, the Guawi Strain is a pure sativa strain that is easy to grow for any type of grower. It is aggressive both in the way it grows, the crop it yields, and the potency of the plant. It has a nice flavor and might help with certain forms of anxiety thanks to the high potency that is packed within the strain.

Genetics: Malawi x Tikal 4 Sativa
Variety: Hybrid
Height: 96 Inches
Flowering Time: 77-84 Days
THC: 20%
CBD: Less than 1%
Flavor: Fruity, Spicy, Strawberry, Mango, Woody
Yield: 400 gr/m2