GSC x Jack Herer Strain

GSC x Jack Herer

This is a cannabinoid cultivar that is mostly Indica and was formulated by genetically combining Girl Scout Cookies and Jack Herer. This smoke induces a buzz that uplifts your mood and fills you with a rush of energy.

This is a feminized strain of weed that is mostly Indica and produces THC between 22% and 26%. This herb is best taken during the day as it fills you with a rush of energy and uplifts your mood. It also has some medical features, including relieving stress, pain, anxiety, and depression, and it also works for arthritis.

Growing this seed under optimum conditions completes its flowering time is 8 to 10 weeks and produces rich resinous buds of marijuana. 

This plant yields up to 500 grams of MJ per square meter and up to 700 grams per plant outdoors.

Smoking a joint of Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer covers the room in an earthy aroma mixed with the flavor of exotic woods. When the flavor reflects on the tongue, you feel the sweet taste of pine.

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Strain Info

Growing it

Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer
80% Indica
400-550g/m2 yield
8-10 week flowering

Smoking it

Makes you – happy & euphotic
Helps with – stress, pain, arthritis & anxiety
Flavor is – sweet, woody, pine
THC – up to 26%