Grandaddy Purple x Do-Si-Dos Strain

Grandaddy Purple x Do Si Dos

This hybrid strain was created by crossing the fruity sweet grape tones of Grandaddy Purple with the minty cookie flavor of Do-Si-Dos. Combining these two quality strains created a potent strain with the right amount of buzz.

Grandaddy Purple x Do-Si-Dos has a THC content of 22% to 24%, and the CBD percentage is less than 1%. This strain has a sweet fruity aroma likened to that of a berry with a hint of lemon. Hitting this blunt will wrap you in euphoric bliss, boost your mind past the clouds of gloom and keep you calm.

Grandaddy Purple x Do-Si-Dos provides therapeutic benefits to medical consumers as it can alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety. The anti-inflammatory properties ease pain and arthritis.

You can expect a yield of 550 grams per square meter indoors and 550 grams per plant if cultivated outdoors after a flowering time of 60 to 65 days.

Our Rating

Strain Info

Growing it

Grandaddy Purple x Do-Si-Dos
50/50 Hybrid
400-550g/m2 yield
8-9 week flowering

Smoking it

Makes you – happy, uplifted, calm & euphotic
Helps with – stress, bloating, arthritis & anxiety
Flavor is – woody, earthy, pine
THC – 24%