Gorilla Zkittlez Strain

gorila 450 x 450

The Gorilla Zkittlez strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is intended for advanced smokers. Growers should have some experience before taking on this variety. Users can expect a strong stoning sensation from Gorilla Zkittlez, a full body high that leaves behind a well-balanced, clear-headed feeling many will enjoy in their lives.

The flavor profile is sugary sweet in all of the best ways. It’s a combination of old-school and new-school, fruity and aromatic in both taste and smell. A floral hint accompanies the delightful fruitiness. Those who suffer from depression and other forms of mental pain will enjoy the sedated, creative feeling of well-being that Gorilla Zkittlez produces.

This unique strain is one of the most powerful out there. It is mildly tricky to grow and has a high crop yield that hard-working users will enjoy. Those who suffer from depression will enjoy the sedated, creative sensations that his hybrid provides. The sugary sweet taste is sure to draw you in and bring you back for more once all is said and done.

Our Rating

Strain Info

Growing it

Gorilla Glue x Zkittlez
60% Indica
600g/m2 yield
56-63 days flowering

Smoking it

Makes you – hungry, giggly & sleepy
Helps with – insomnia, depression & anxiety
Flavor is – fruity, tropical, candy, floral
THC – 24%