Gorilla Cheese Strain

gorilla cheese 450 x 450

The Gorilla Cheese strain is a hybrid that provides an even combination of Indica and Sativa. It is a strong, potent variety that takes little expertise to grow properly. You can expect a trippy and pleasant sensation from those who enjoy the relaxing and stimulating feelings that come with a high THC content.

The flavor profile is pungent and earthy. This palate is not for every user, but those who are fans of strains such as Gorilla Glue #4 will love the unique taste and smell that comes with this hybrid. Long-time sufferers of anxiety and depression can find relief in the strong THC content.

Gorilla Cheese is a unique strain that is easy to grow. It has a solid yield that any grower can be happy with.  The one-of-a-kind savory taste pairs well with the relaxing sensation that the strain provides. Users who suffer from anxiety and depression will enjoy the powerful relief Gorilla Cheese allows them to feel. It’s a unique and tremendous strain for many users.

Our Rating

Strain Info

Growing it

Gorilla Glue #4 X UK Cheese
50/50 Hybrid
450g/m2 yield
63-70 days flowering

Smoking it

Makes you – creative, happy & uplifted
Helps with – muscle spasms, insomnia & depression
Flavor is – cheesy, earthy, skunky
THC – 21%