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Goji Og Marijuana Strain

The word looks and sounds Japanese but is actually of Chinese origin. However, the Goji berry, also known as the wolfberry, is the type of berry to which the term “Goji” most commonly refers. The interesting thing about this strain is not why it was given a fruit’s name but what it can accomplish.

You may anticipate the standard mental effects of a Sativa-dominant hybrid like this. Inexperienced users should use caution when using Goji OG due to its relatively high THC content. While it won’t hurt anyone in moderation, too much of it could cause you to waste several hours on the sofa.

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Goji OG Weed Origins

As it was said, this strain was named after a berry for its flavor and aroma. Bodhi Seeds bred this hybrid by crossing Nepali OG with Snow Lotus.

Goji OG Cannabis Effects

At its outset, a flood of sensations overwhelms the brain. There is an instantaneous lightening of the load that users experience. Simply said, the great potency of Goji OG results in a profound mental high.

Relaxation washes across the body as the hum went on for a while. Most people who try it report feeling really joyful and thrilled. Goji OG has been shown to increase conversation and laughter in a group setting. Not like other similar products, which make people feel like staying on the couch all day, this one actually makes them feel like getting up and moving around.

Goji OG consumers commonly report feeling famished two to three hours after taking the supplement. Getting up and finding food shouldn’t be hard. This isn’t a sleepy strain, which is good news.

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Smell & Flavour

Goji OG has a potent aroma with undertones of berries that are evocative of its OG heritage. After the nugs are broken apart, the licorice flavor emerges more strongly.

It possesses characteristics that are quite standard for a marijuana hybrid, yet it has a flavor that is all it’s own. Much like its aroma, Goji OG has a flavor profile that’s a fascinating combination of fruity flavors.

Growing Goji OG Seeds

Goji OG can be grown in a greenhouse, indoors, or even outside. Successful growth is expected in any setting. The flowering time can be reduced even further if the plants are grown inside using hydroponics.

Sativa strains often need 10–12 weeks to flower. While Goji OG may have a Sativa background, it develops more like an Indica plant. The plant can develop into two distinct phenotypes, which is one of the most interesting aspects of growing it. The first is the larger, more conventional OG variety, and the second is the smaller, more strawberry-scented genotype.

Newer generations of Goji OG seeds have earned a reputation as being particularly easy to germinate. The stems used to require staking in the past. However, the new kind does not require stalks because their stems are so much stronger.

Flowering Time & Yield

Growing Indoor

Growing marijuana indoors is helpful for people who don’t have access to a suitable outdoor space. However, some still want their neighbors to remain in the dark about their activities. The fast growth is a byproduct of growing inside, especially when hydroponics is used.

Hydroponics can further reduce Goji OG’s already quick flowering period compared to other Sativas. A large production of 21 oz per square meter can be expected in about 9 weeks, providing the grower with a cerebral high without even having to smoke a joint.

Growing Outdoor

Bloom time in October, as recommended by Bodhi Seeds. Outdoors, where it may reach a staggering 42 ounces per plant, Goji OG surpasses its impressive yields indoors.

cannabis strain FAQ

Goji OG is an 80% indica dominant hybrid strain.

Goji OG can reach THC levels of 26% if grown in perfect conditions.

Those who have tried it often describe feeling elated and happy. Scientists have found that taking Goji OG before going to a social gathering makes everyone more talkative and humorous. 

Goji OG Reviews

Have you ever tried or cultivated this strain? We would really appreciate it if you could let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this particular strain of marijuana.

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