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Glueball Strain

Glueball Strain Overview

The history of the Glueball marijuana strain is shrouded in mystery. It is also known as Gluebal and Glue Ball. Many reports say the original breeder is unknown, although Ethos Genetics has been credited as the strain’s creator.

No matter its beginnings, it is here to stay, as even Lil Wayne has attached himself to this masterpiece. The rapper is very particular about the quality of the cannabis he sells, which is why he called his new line Ultra Elite in December 2019.

We knew he had quality weed when we discovered Glueball was among his strain offerings.

Strain Information

The plant looks powerful, producing dense love nugs in a vivid, almost neon-green color with amber overtones and bright orange pistils. The trichome coating is thick and sticky, resembling a film of crystallized honey.

Many argue whether the Glueball hybrid is Indica or Sativa, and its qualities are equally as baffling as its origin tale. Its THC content is a point of contention. The exact percentage varies from sample to sample, but we know it’s high (20-26%).

A claim that some genotypes contain as low as 13% THC has been made, although there is scant evidence to back up this assertion. Glueball is a hybrid of Original Glue (also known as Gorilla Glue) & Snowball, two strains with powerful yet pleasurable effects.

Glue Ball Genetics

Glueball is a hybrid of two strains with a reputation for producing powerful and pleasurable effects: Original Glue (also known as Gorilla Glue) and Snowball.

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Glueball Strain Effects

Will you feel Indica or Sativa effects with Glueball? Okay, that’s tough to say for sure. Although several people indicated they felt sedated without being distracted, others felt the opposite.

Simply put, it is both, but not simultaneously. Although this hybrid is usually described as a 50/50 Sativa/Indica cross, some variants indicate a small indica lean closer to 60% Indica/40% Sativa. As if it even mattered.

There are significant consequences for both parties. The benefits of Glueball may be traced back to the strain’s Chemdawg, The White, & OG Kush ancestors, in addition to its already impressive parents.

Initially, you’ll feel a euphoric surge of energy that hits you hard and fast. To begin with, you won’t be able to tell that the sedative is there since you’ll be too busy laughing and feeling great, but before you know it, you’ll be crashing back down to earth.

After the first excitement wears off, you’ll feel tingling and want to stay on the couch all day, oblivious to the outside world. At this point, you lose all mental acuity and become as inert as a stone.

Glueball’s effects are immediate and intense, lasting for a while. You won’t feel physically and psychologically at peace, but you will have a sense of complete calm and contentment.

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How does it Smell & Taste?

Glueball is a potent fragrant breed with a diesel-like stench. The subtle hints of citrus and pine keep it from being too harsh, but they may be off-putting if you’re used to fruitier strains.

Though first-timers may recoil at the smell, seasoned tokers see it as a welcome indicator of the intensity of the strain they’re about to enjoy. The flavor is very close to the aroma. However, the inhale is where you experience the zesty orange and fresh pine.

At first, only hinting at being there, diesel undertones emerge on the exhale to become the dominant aftertaste flavor. Cheese, cherry, and mint are also present in the aroma.

Growing Glueball Seeds

There is a lack of information available, especially on cultivation, for the Glueball strain. If you’re looking for detailed information on cultivating Glueball cannabis, you won’t find much in the way of reviews.

This can be especially difficult for beginners, although seasoned cultivators have recommended studying the original strains for clues. As with the original Glue and the snowball, Glueball is considered a simple cultivar to nurture.

Yet, if you are beginning to develop a green thumb, it is recommended that you seek the advice of an experienced grower. The Glueball variety of cannabis thrives in hot and humid areas and shows impressive resistance to pests & mold.

Its robust bud growth does necessitate some care. However, regular pruning will improve airflow and let more light reach the lower and middle buds. As a result, the danger of excess moisture buildup is mitigated, and growth is stimulated.

It’s possible to cultivate the plants indoors and out, with the caveat that indoor growers must deal with the plant’s fragrant nature. You can reduce the odor by using a carbon filter or inline fan, but make sure not to let too much heat escape.

Flowering & Yield

Finding Glueball weed seeds or clones might be challenging. Typically, plants need 9–10 weeks to bloom; however, evidence suggests they can attain maturity in as little as eight weeks. One ounce of produce per square foot is possible.

The maximum reported yield per plant when grown outdoors is 18 ounces. So about now, in late October, you should be able to harvest your crop.

Glueball Weed FAQ

Timing, upkeep, care, and atmosphere are all crucial factors in maximizing the amount of thc in your crop.

Glueball has characteristics of both Indica and Sativa, making it a hybrid with some middle ground. Most of the uncertainty stems from the fact that Glueball is exceptional in how these characteristics manifest. Picture a scale where the effects of Sativa are at the peak, and those of indica are at the bottom. Most hybrids with no dominant genetics provide a moderate level of intoxication, falling somewhere in the center of this range. 

In contrast, the effects of Glueball can be felt from head to toe, as the Sativa-dominant strain’s name suggests (indica). In simple terms, you’ll feel euphoric, energized, and focused at first, but then you’ll start to feel tired, distracted, and drugged.

There is a lack of data on the precise terpene composition. It has been reported that myrcene, humulene, & caryophyllene are all present in the terpene profile. According to other sources, terpenes have been linked to the aroma and taste of pine, citrus, and diesel. We cannot verify the integrity of these statements, but we can draw inferences about their innocence based on their odor, flavor, genetic makeup, and impacts. 

Based on this data, Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene are all part of the terpene profile. In addition, Pinene and humulene are both possibilities.

Glueball Reviews

Have you ever tried or cultivated this strain? We would really appreciate it if you could let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this particular strain of marijuana.
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