garlic breath strain

Garlic Breath Strain

Garlic Breath Marijuana Strain

By breeding GMO and Mendo Breath, the hybrid strain known as “Garlic Breath” emerged as a potent indica-dominant option. The flavor of this strain is strong and savory, with hints of spice that may make you think of newly peeled garlic. The physical effects of Garlic Breath are initially soothing, but can become sedating if you use it regularly.

It was ThugPug genetics that first developed Garlic Breath. This strain is said to flower in about 8-10 weeks, depending on whether it is cultivated indoors or outdoors. Leave a review if you have tried Garlic Breath via smoking, dabbing, or eating it.

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Garlic Breath Cannabis Effects

To restate, Garlic Breath is a really powerful strain, so if you’ve never tried it before, you should probably start with a low dose. Users of the strain have reported that even little, infrequent dosages can produce a sense of contentment, relaxation, and even euphoria in the user. 

However, the high can quickly become disorienting and distracting, as well as an overall weight that will make it tough to resist couch-lock. This is especially true if you consume more. 

Garlic Breath has been reported to be helpful by customers struggling with a wide range of problems. Garlic Breath has been cited as a helpful remedy for individuals struggling with pain, migraines, and insomnia. These effects can vary from person to person and, as was said earlier, from dose to dose.

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Garlic Breath Weed Flavor & Smell

Given the moniker, “Garlic Breath,” we should definitely begin with how it smells. Its potent, pungent rush of garlic aroma may transport you to your favorite classic Italian eatery the moment you crack open the jar. There are also hints smell pepper, spice, herbs, or even skunk in the chorus of garlic. To be on the safe side, avoid smoking Garlic Breath if discretion is required, since its pungent perfume is sure to draw attention.

However, the strain’s flavor is much more muted than its potent fragrance. It has a savory rather than a sweet flavor profile, with peppery and herbal undertones that complement the fragrance. Since the flavor of Garlic Breath stays on your tongue (and breath) for some time after smoking it, you might want to consider chewing on a breath mint.

Visually, Garlic Breath makes a strong statement about its strength. Its young shoots are so brightly green they almost radiate in the dark. Holding the fist-shaped bud to your face, you’ll notice a thick coating of trichomes and tight, compact leaf curls on the outside.

Growing Garlic Breath Seeds

Spade-shaped, minty green buds are seen on Garlic Breath, and they are covered in fiery, bright hairs as well as a sand layer of gold crystal trichomes.  Outdoor plants can grow 30-60 inches in height and often produce 15-20 ounces. 

Similar heights can be achieved while growing cannabis indoors, although only about one to two ounces can be harvested. It may be difficult to track down this weed’s seeds, but you can always inquire with a nearby breeder.

Garlic Breath Yield & Flowering time

Growing Indoor

This strain of marijuana takes between 54 and 62 days to bloom, giving growers a total of 71 days to harvest the crop. Yields of about 2 ounces per square foot can be expected while growing indoors.

Growing Outdoor

Outdoor plants can grow 30-60 inches in height and often produce 15-20 ounces.

In contrast to its pungent aroma, the taste of Garlic Breath is surprisingly delicate, with a creamy, peppery finish with hints of herbs and flowers. Anticipate so much savory than pleasant, but you’ll still experience a massive case of marijuana — not garlic — breath after a dish.

ThugPug Genetics has created an indica-predominant hybrid variety known as the Garlic Breath Strain. The earthy perfume of GMO, which has hints of garlic, combined with the sour vanilla & caramel tones of Mendo Breath produce a nose that is memorable due to its staying quality.

It takes between 54 and 62 days for the strain to produce blooms, and it takes another 71 days for farmers to harvest the crop.

Garlic Breath’s high isn’t necessarily sedating, but it may be heavy and confusing, blurring your peripheral vision and making it easier to get distracted everywhere you look. The strain produces a more euphoric high that relieves stress, stimulates hunger, and relaxes the limbs, all while enhancing feelings of well-being.

Garlic Breath Reviews

Have you ever tried or cultivated your own strain? We would really appreciate it if you could let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this particular strain of marijuana.