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Freak Show Strain

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Freak Show Cannabis Strain

Are you sick and tired of smoking the same strains every day? Are you looking for something unusual to add flavor to your cannabis collection? It’s hard to imagine anything more outlandish than Freakshow, a strain that lives up to its name by being a veritable museum piece thanks to its peculiar growth characteristics. Growers with a passion for cultivating unusual and unusually shaped plants will find that Freakshow, including its lengthy, fern-like leaves & other wacky mutations, is the ideal strain for them.


Freak Show Guide

Freak Show Marijuana Genetics

Rare as mutations may be when they do occur, the results can be downright bizarre. Freakshow, a Sativa that has undergone genetic manipulation, looks like it was stolen from a traveling cannabis circus and planted in a sideshow. The long-time grower “Shapeshifter” discovered this ganja anomaly; its leaves aren’t the standard 5-7-finger shape. 

His famed cannabis empire, the Emerald Triangle, is credited with creating the ancestry of this leaf mutation by crossing landrace Sativa genes with heritage varieties of Skunk #1 x Big Bud x Banana Kush x Big Sur Holy. Try your hand at this completely bizarre plant with its new shape.

Freak Show Weed Effects

The effects are quite socially enjoyable and functional, which is normal for a strain with a higher proportion of Sativa. Freakshow is a fantastic choice for a daytime or lunch break tension because it will provide you & your working friends with something to discuss during the workday. 

When you light her up, Freakshow can hit you with 18% THC & a rich combination of terpenes that stimulate the mind while soothing the body. Light her up and get ready for a Freakshow high! Braced yourself to feel tingling, talkative, and friendly before experiencing a mellow and lingering stone.

cannabis medical benefits

Medical Uses

People who haven’t developed a high tolerance to the psychoactive effects of THC yet can use it safely due to the product’s low THC concentration. Patients who suffer from conditions such as tension, anxiety, & depression may benefit from this cannabis due to its elevating and pleasant effects on the body.

Adverse Reactions

Be wary of how much you take because the high from Freakshow can linger for several hours. If this is your first time using this strain, you should save it for a day when you won’t have any obligations so that you can gauge how much it affects you.

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How does it Smell?

Freakshow has a bizarre appearance while wet, but after drying, trimming, and curing it, it looks just like regular cannabis. Very weirdly, it has thick golden hairs that are bristly and give off a very hazy bright green hue. The aroma is surprisingly good for such an unusual strain, combining a zesty citrus note with a sharp gasoline undertone.

What is the Flavour?

The flavor maintains its fuel-like properties as well as its lemon-zest aroma, which is a little surprising coming from such a natural phenomenon. With a THC content between 18% and 19%, Freakshow provides a satisfying high that is propelled by the strain’s uplifting terpene profile.

Growing Freak Show Seeds

Freakshow is a cannabis strain that, despite its outlandish appearance, grows just like any other conventional cannabis plant. It needs the very same 12/12 blooming photoperiod and nutritional requirements. It isn’t some mutant monstrosity that either evolve slowly or is feeble.

When grown properly, it provides a highly substantial yield and a strong terpene profile. Due to its ragged aspect, it can be not easy to challenge; yet, it could be an excellent choice for a few plants to put on a window ledge or balcony.

Freak Show Flowering

Plant Freakshow beside other marijuana strains. You will probably discover that she has an underlying Sativa dominance, as evidenced by the thin branches on her plants and their tendency to stretch. You won’t be reminded that you’re raising weed until she begins producing flowers; until then, you might forget. Her flowering cycle lasts about sixty-five days, and she yields moderate amounts of harvest.

Freak Show Yield

Up to 15 ounces of the juiciest cannabis can be harvested from a square meter of indoor-grown Freakshow. This monster may produce up to 16 ounces of cannabis from a single plant when grown outside.

Freak Show Strain FAQ

cannabis strain FAQ

Freak Show is almost pure Sativa cannabis strain. Its Sativa, Indica ratio is 90/10.

Freak Show average THC level is 18%. However when grown in the best possible way it can reach up to 22% of THC.  

Rated 0 out of 5
0 out of 5 stars (based on 0 reviews)

Freak Show Reviews

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