Fire Cake

Fire Cake 450 x 450

Fire Cake is a high-yielding, Indica-dominant hybrid strain. It’s easy to cultivate both indoors and out, and it doesn’t matter how much expertise you have with gardening. The potent intoxication effects of the Fire Cake strain are due in large part to the high concentrations of THC found within the plant.

The Fire Cake strain is perfect for you if you like to combine the best of the past with the cutting edge of today. This powerful cross is a breeze to cultivate and enjoys widespread adulation. Many people find pleasure in the sensations it delivers, and the pleasant sweetness of the flavor profile is an added bonus. 

Fire Cake – Origins

Wedding Cake and Fire Alien White come together to create the Fire Cake. These two exceptional varieties came together to produce a truly unforgettable hybrid. You can look forward to white, firm buds that are visually appealing and delicious.

Fire Cake – Effects

We found the sweetness and quality of the flavor to be outstanding. The Fire Cake variety is an artful fusion of traditional and cutting-edge genetics, making it suitable for both novice and seasoned smokers. 

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