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East Coast Sour Diesel Strain

East Coast Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain

Sativa-dominant cannabis strain East Coast Sour Diesel is known to quickly elevate mood and give a burst of energy. However, the Indica component, while weaker, is still potent enough to complement the head high. Smokers in the know know that most cannabis strains are the result of a cross involving two or more different strains. 

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East Coast Sour Diesel Weed Origins

To create East Coast Sour Diesel, a number of distinct Sour Diesel strains were crossed. You can call it what you want, but the breeder did it to create a powerful Sativa strain with all the best traits of the parent. 

It has a similar pungent fuel aroma to its parent strain but is more powerful overall. The breeder, who goes by the name “Dr. Greenthumb,” deserves the credit for that success.

ECSD Cannabis Effects

It’s important to get the basics in order first. East Coast Sour Diesel is not to be toyed with. If you want to see some examples, just watch WWE and witness how the superstars tackle and hurl each other around the ring. The same way that only trained pros should wrestle, only individuals with sufficient cannabis experience should smoke this strain.

At first, the strain gently lifts one’s spirits before launching its (positive) assault. One of the causes new users should stay away from this strain is the tremendous and immediate rush felt in the head. It may be too much for novice smokers to handle.

It’s also not the best choice if you want to get some shut-eye after lighting up. This strain of marijuana has been shown to boost energy levels. As a result, users report feeling elated and chatty while under the influence of this variety.

Not to be overtaken, a bodily euphoria also begins to set in. What makes this strain so popular is summarized below. When combined with the intellectual high, the physical high’s mellowness strikes the perfect balance.

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Smell & Flavour

Try picturing an empty can of Pinesol to get a feel for East Coast Sour Diesel. This strain smells roughly like that after being sprayed and having its aroma caught. When combined with the woodsy undertones, the result is a strain with a fantastic aroma.

It’s true that not everyone shares the same aesthetic sensibilities. Given said that, if its aroma is appealing, it stands to reason that its flavor would be excellent as well. The diesel aroma remains there, but the East Coast Sour Diesel has a more prominent sour lemon flavor.

Growing East Coast Sour Diesel Seeds

The variety is not advised for first-time cannabis users, although it is among the simplest to grow. Growing this strain of marijuana should be easier for novice growers.

In its natural environment, this plant has the potential to reach a height of eight feet. Perhaps you shouldn’t do that, as your neighbors will definitely take note. Growing it indoors is preferable; if you do, you should top it off early and prune it to a height of around three feet.

Flowering Time & Yield

Growing Indoor

After 9–10 weeks of caring for this strain, it is time for it to return the favor. Yields are quick and heavy, expect to harvest 12-16 ounces per square meter indoors.

Growing Outdoor

This sour diesel strain from the East Coast thrives in bright, sunny conditions. Plants should yield 16 ounces or more per plant by October when harvesting begins.

Have you ever tried East Coast Sour Diesel, or grown it yourself? If you have tried this particular strain of marijuana, We would appreciate hearing your thoughts on it in the space provided below.

East Coast Sour Diesel is a sativa-dominant strain that was developed by crossing many distinct Sour Diesel genetic variants from different east coast breeders. There is no lack of the well-known strong and fuel-like fragrance in the buds.

The sativa-dominant hybrid known as East Coast Sour Diesel has been compared favorably to a number of the West Coast’s most prized cannabis varieties. The high-flying mental effects of this bud are matched by its pungent odor, which originates from its parent strain, the wildly popular Sour Diesel. Multiple varaties of Sour Diesel were crossed in order to create this strain.

The amount of THC that may be found in East Coast Sour Diesel has been determined to be anywhere from 20% to 25%.

Although some people refer to East Coast Sour Diesel [ECSD] and the classic Sour Diesel as “the same thing,” these two strains of cannabis are not identical to one another. ECSD is a strain that was developed by Dr. Greenthumb and is a descendant of Sour Diesel. It is a more potent breed that, claims the breeder, has been measured at an astounding 27% THC.

East Coast Sour Diesel Reviews

Have you ever tried or cultivated your own strain? We would really appreciate it if you could let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this particular strain of marijuana.

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