duct tape cannabis strain

Duct Tape Strain

Duct Tape Marijuana Strain

Don’t let the name fool you, Duct Tape weed is some seriously potent bud. It has an allure befitting its nickname thanks to its aroma, flavor, appearance, and effects. The experts at Archive Seed Bank from Portland, OR, crossed Do-si-dos with Original Glue (previously Gorilla Glue #4) to develop a well-balanced hybrid with a consistent punch of 23% to 25% THC. 

The CBD content varies from 0.47 to 0.65 percent. Duct Tape has a pungent odor that some people find overpowering. Original Glue contributed its earthy, gasoline aroma, while Do-si-dos contributed its robust hash undertones. That said, the gasoline odor may be overpowering to first-timers.

That’s great because Duct Tape is designed for more experienced smokers or those who prefer to take things slowly. In addition, this strain is a perfect balance of indica and sativa, providing the best of both worlds in terms of effects.

Extremely powerful, Duct Tape causes an immediate surge of happiness that spreads throughout the body and provides a welcome spurt of vitality and inspiration. But don’t call it a cigarette during the daytime. Some people find that after using Duct Tape they become exhausted because of the profound sense of relaxation it induces across the entire body. 

So try it out first, rather than relying on it at the outset of a hectic day.

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Duct Tape Weed Origins

By breeding Do-si-dos and Original Glue (formerly Gorilla Glue #4), the experts at Portland, Oregon’s Archive Seed Bank were able to create a hybrid with a consistent THC content of 23% to 25%.

Duct Tape Cannabis Effects

The results of using Duct Tape are reported to be diverse. Some people report feeling energized and creative, while others report feeling so relaxed they need to take a long nap or get couch-locked.

Therefore, you should ease into finding your ideal level of calm. Everyone agrees on one idea: this is some serious cannabis, so take this warning seriously. When tested, this strain routinely registers between 23-25% THC. Thus beginners or those with a high tolerance should proceed with caution. 

Get some food ready first, trust us! This cannabis kind is well-liked by those seeking to satisfy their appetites. Second, this strain’s sedative effects will make you want to lie back and enjoy the tranquility it brings. Do you wish you were experiencing emotions other than sleepiness? Duct Tape won’t let you down.

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Smell & Flavour

Although it may take a while to adjust, the Duct Tape smell is incomparable. The smoke has a strong gasoline aroma at first, which is followed by earthy and piney undertones.

After that, Do-si-parent, dos’s Do-si-dos, would come through in the form of faint incense and hash undertones. Do not forget that this is a very pungent strain, making it a poor choice for those who value discretion.

Duct Tape’s aroma is fairly representative of its flavor. You’ll get the same gassy flavor and hints of fuel, soil, and pine right from the first drag. The chocolate flavor that lingers in the background after smoking this delicious strain is a pleasant surprise.

Growing Duct Tape Seeds

The sticky buds and large harvest of Duct Tape marijuana prove that the plant is well worth the minimal work required to cultivate it. Reports claim that both its indoor and outdoor yields are high, although precise yield estimates are still unavailable.

One oz per square foot is a reasonable average estimate. We advise growers of all levels of expertise to try this variety, provided they do their homework and prepare adequately. Additionally, duct tape is really a lovely plant. This strain inherits more frost from its parents than any other, as evidenced by its light hue and heavy trichome coverage.

Both indoor and outdoor cultivation of this variety is possible, however, it does best in a subtropical environment. In other words, water it regularly and maintain a humidity level of about 55%. In the meantime, try to maintain daytime highs around 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures of about 69 degrees at night are ideal for Duct Tape plants.

With an average height of 48 inches, these plants need room to grow and may be trained, trimmed, or topped. In your opinion, a more robust weed plant would be ideal. This isn’t always the case, though.

Maximizing harvest requires exposing a large portion of the plants as necessary to light. However, larger buds near the top of the plant have the potential to obscure the sun from smaller buds further down. Outdoors and larger plants might be a nuisance since they bring more attention, but inside, you want to keep your plants without taking up too much space.

Flowering Time & Yield

Seeds of the Duct Tape strain are suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. However, an average of 10 weeks is needed for flowering in an indoor environment.

If cultivated properly, you can force flowering to occur within as little as 5 weeks. After that, the outdoor harvest will be typical for the season.

The standard height, indoors or out, is 48 inches. To maximize yield, prune the plant just before it begins to bloom.

Despite widespread praise from growers, experts can’t put a number on the claims that Duct Tape produces well both in and out of doors. One oz per square foot is a reasonable average estimate.

Duct Tape is super potent and contains about 23-25% THC level.

Duct Tape is a child of Gorilla Glue #4 X Do Si Dos.

Duct Tape Reviews

Have you ever tried or cultivated this strain? We would really appreciate it if you could let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this particular strain of marijuana.