Do-si-Dos Strain

Do si Dos

This is an indica dominant plant with a long list of medicinal properties. This strain of weed can serve as an analgesic. It is also a potent medicine for anti-inflammatory, relieving pain and stress.

From predominant and prehistoric genes of cannabis, this indica dominant plant was developed. Do-si-Dos is a mostly indica cannabis that contains a minimum THC content of 26% and as high as 30%.

Though this strain of weed has an endless list of therapeutic uses, however, recreational smokers to are craving Do-si-Dos because of its euphoric feeling that will have you on the couch the entire day.

When the seeds are grown in the best conditions, they complete their flowering time in 8 weeks to 10 weeks. If it is grown indoors, it yields about 400 grams to 500 grams of Mary J per square meter and up to 500 grams per plant outdoors.

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Strain Info

Growing it

GSC x Face Off OG
80% Indica
400-500g/m2 yield
8-10 week flowering

Smoking it

Makes you – sleepy, hungry & relaxed
Helps with – analgesic, anti-inflammatory, pain chronic
Flavor is – cotton candy, sweet, fermented
THC – 26% to 30%