dirty sprite cannabis strain

Dirty Sprite Strain

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5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)

Dirty Sprite Cannabis Strain

Like mythical wood sprites, little much is known about the history or whereabouts of the enigmatic Dirty Sprite cannabis strain. Blackleaf, a group based in California, is known to have created the strain and decided to keep the Dirty Sprite strain’s genetics under wraps.

Although we can’t be sure, it’s believed to be a hybrid of Arcata Lemon Wreck & Cinderella 99. I know what you’re thinking: “So, does that classify Dirty Sprite Strain sativa or indica?” The truth is, though, that it’s actually neither. Indeed, it is a hybrid and a very effective one at that.

The THC potency in the Dirty Sprite variety ranges from 17% to 25%. The high it produces is euphoric and relaxing, which is beneficial in treating pain, sleeplessness, and anxiety. The Dirty Sprite variety has gained popularity as a mood booster because of its euphoric effects.

In all likelihood, the name came from the hip-hop generation’s penchant for evocatively describing various substances used as a form of refreshment. When you taste the lemony-lime woodland flavors of its shining nugs, it’s hard not to think its history is more fantastical.

The overpowering scent of dirt and pine conjures mental pictures of a stoned pixie. The actual tastes emerge after you light it up, revealing a sweet flowery taste with citrus overtones that will have you reaching for more and more.

Strain Information

Dirty Sprite Strain Genetics

The genetics of the Dirty Sprite variety were deliberately kept secret by the California-based collective known as Blackleaf, widely believed to be the strain’s creators.

Our best guess is that this is a cross between Arcata Lemon Wreck and Cinderella 99, but we can’t be positive.

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Dirty Sprite Marijuana Effects

No wonder people’s mental health is getting more attention in today’s fast-paced society, where drug addiction is also an increasing worry. 

We are rapidly entering a new world in which reevaluating our treatment of ourselves and each other in light of humanity’s previous failures is essential to our species’ continued existence.

The growing cannabis user population is indicative of this trend. In addition, a 17% THC concentration is guaranteed to provide a pleasant high.

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How does it Smell?

Often described as “Dank” or “Loud,” the aroma of the Dirty Sprite strain is well-known in the cannabis community. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to take that kind of stress on a bus ride across town. So close the lid tightly after use.

Even before lighting it, the potent aroma of lemon and piney skunk is immediately apparent.

What is the Flavour?

For many, the similarities between the Dirty Sprite cannabis strain and the namesake soft drink end with the taste. However, the unique flavor isn’t the only thing going for it.

The Dirty Sprite cannabis strain stands out due to its complex flavors. The effects of the Dirty Sprite strain will hit hard whether you decide to smoke it, vape it, or dab it. 

As does the way it tastes. Inhaling this tobacco is like relaxing in the center of a lemon & flower garden; the smoke is silky smooth, with a hint of earthiness on the exhale.

Growing Dirty Sprite Seeds

Unfortunately, the growing details for the Dirty Sprite breed are as murky as its genetics, so we can’t provide you with all the gory facts in this review.

And yet, it is a hybrid despite everything. Because of this, it’s essential to treat it like any other mixed variety and consider its parents when deciding how to treat it.

Due to the strain’s Sativa dominance, you should allow for some height. Altering the timing of the lights can be used to control the size of the plant. The seeds of the Dirty Sprite strain can be cultivated in either a greenhouse or outside in warmer areas.

Dirty Sprite Flowering

You may anticipate a typical flowering time of about 9 to 11 weeks and a harvest time of around mid-October with the right environment or climate management configuration.

Dirty Sprite Yield

Growing Dirty Sprite indoors can result in a yield of 12 oz per square meter. Each plant may expect to yield about 17 ounces in the open air.

Dirty Sprite Weed FAQ

cannabis strain FAQ

Blackleaf was hesitant to share any details. Numerous hypotheses and conjectures have been advanced, but no one has any hard evidence.

Blackleaf closely guards the genetics of the dirty sprite breed, but it is believed Cinderella 99 was crossed with Arcata Lemon Wreck.

THC levels of 17% have been reported by growers, with occasional reports of 25%.

Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)

Dirty Sprite Reviews

Have you ever tried or cultivated this strain? We would really appreciate it if you could let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this particular strain of marijuana.

my dirty sprite cannabis strain

Rated 5 out of 5
November 16, 2022

I attempted this as a space rock cone (under the brand name moon rocket), and holy crap! I needed a few hits to see my error and become humbled. This particular strain was among the best I’ve tried in recent memory. The combination of a substantial body high and a little brain high provided relief from many of my fibromyalgia symptoms, including the accompanying feelings of depression. I could still perform my duties while I was high on the vibes. This sweetness is comparable to that of Sprite (I happened to have a can of Sprite handy for the tasting). It checks out), and the only way I can describe it is that it’s excellent. I would suggest it for a smoke session in the warm and bright afternoon or a day spent relaxing and watching silly shows.

Avatar for Roberta

dirty sprite strain review

Rated 5 out of 5
November 16, 2022

OMG, I am just now waiting to get my hands on this breed, and let me tell you buddies, dang, it’s thclious the post taste that it gives to your taste buds is like no other smells like sprite tastes like sprite, dude for sure, a must, and wait for yup that’s what it does head body spirit and soul adore this smoke.

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