Devils Lettuce cannabis strain

Devil's Lettuce Strain

Devils Lettuce Marijuana Strain

It would be best if you took the edge off every once in a while because you’ve had the day from hell. Unfortunately, when life gets you down, cannabis makes you want to light up a pipe and blow off steam.

The Devil’s Lettuce kind (also known as Devil’s Fruit) is the ideal cannabis for this scenario. This indica-dominant hybrid, the product of an unholy union between Shiskaberry with Great White Shark, was developed in Spain as MedicalSeedS’s crowning achievement in cannabis growing.

Different cultivars may have the same name, but they need not originate from the same seed. When looking for the most terrific deal on a Devil’s Lettuce strain, read the strain’s genetics description in detail. 

Devil’s Lettuce is a sticky strain that develops large, dense, forest-green buds covered in white trichomes, bright orange pistils, and purple highlights in the leaves.

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Duct Tape Weed Origins

Devil’s Lettuce was born when Shiskaberry was crossed with Great White Shark in Spain by medical seeds company.

Devil's Lettuce Cannabis Effects

The effects of the Devil’s Lettuce strain are unexpectedly more joy & euphoria than fire and brimstone, leaving the user with a sense of calm and ease and a creative and reflective mental high.

It hits you like a ton of bricks, but in a good way, bringing a surge of positive, inspiring thoughts. You can tell that the Devil’s Lettuce strain is more indica than sativa (70% indica to 30% Sativa).

After the initial rush in mind wears off, the body also begins to feel the effects, causing mild drowsiness and relaxation. It goes wonderfully with the end of a busy day. Relax and enjoy the evening as you kick back and watch a good (or horrible) film.

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Smell & Flavour

One could hardly call Devil’s Lettuce anything but a seductive temptress. If the devil didn’t tempt you, it wouldn’t be much of a devil.

Marijuana grown from the Devil’s Lettuce strain has a complex aroma that mirrors its duality. On the one hand, it smells like fresh earth and a welcoming atmosphere, but on the other, it has a sour, dank quality that hints at ammonia.

The combination of these fragrances is harmonious, with hints of tart citrus and pungent cheese complementing the sweeter fruity undertones. Never in a million years would I turn down a taste of this enticing bud.

The Devil’s Lettuce cannabis strain is, dare we say it, divine in flavor. Sweet, acidic, and spicy flavors dominate when smoking the Devil’s Lettuce strain, with hints of fruitiness (now that the Devil Fruit alias makes more sense).

Terpinolene, which imparts a citrusy flavor and hints of wood. B-Caryophyllene is spicy and musky, and Myrcene provides notes of exotic ripe mangoes and deep earth. The terpene profile seems to have been competing for attention, resulting in a rich, flavorful aroma and taste.

Growing Devil's Lettuce Seeds

Seeds are “sold purely as adult collectible keepsakes,” according to MedicalSeedS, although the company still provides growing instructions for the Devil’s Lettuce strain. Currently, we know the following: 

The seeds of the Devil’s Lettuce variety grow densely populated plants that thrive in either indoor or outdoor environments. Warm and slightly muggy climates are typical for its native Spain, where the Devil’s Lettuce strain was initially developed, as noted before in this article.

These plants thrive in bright conditions. Therefore regular pruning, topping, or trimming is essential for optimal growth. Devil’s Lettuce marijuana is a hardy variety, resistant to pests and mildew.

However, insufficient ventilation can lead to moisture buildup, and incorrect illumination can stimulate excessive leaf development. On the other hand, if you give your bottom and inner buds enough light and air, you’ll be grinning like a maniac when harvest time rolls around. To learn more about how to cultivate, read our manual.

Flowering Time & Yield

If you’re growing Devil’s Lettuce outside, expect it to flower around mid-October. Indoor Flowering typically occurs between 56 and 66 days ( 8 to 9 weeks). The THC content of your Devil’s Lettuce crop will drop if you harvest your plant earlier to acquire more CBD.

So, tracing the term’s genesis is problematic. But it’s safe to say it began during the 1930s Cannabis Prohibition when smear campaigns and anti-cannabis propaganda were at their height. Using the derogatory term “Devil’s Lettuce,” racist policies to criminalize cannabis use were enacted.

Contrary to popular belief, the Devil’s Lettuce variety is not red. Marijuana is a typical green color cannabis. There is, however, red lettuce available. In spite of the fact that red lettuce won’t get you euphoric, it will spice up your salad with flavor and color.

The genetic history and strain information for Devil’s Lettuce should put any doubts to rest about the strain’s superior quality.

Devil’s Lettuce, descended from a cross between the Shiskaberry and Great White Shark strains, has Afghani strain ancestry on both its mother’s and father’s sides. 

Other strains like Super Skunk, Purple Thai, and Skunk #1 descend from it.

Devil's Lettuce Reviews

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