Dark Devil Strain

dark devil

The Dark Devil strain is a variety that requires a little bit of experience to cultivate. This tall plant has a large yield and is quite potent, especially for newbies. Users can expect a relaxed sensation that also sparks a deep motivation, avoiding the grogginess that many strains provide.

The flavor profile of the Dark Devil is fruity and smoky, with hints of floral aftertaste. The mixture of sweet with savory is something that everyone can enjoy. Those who suffer from pain in their body can make use of the Dark Devil for its pain relief properties, enjoying the floating sensation it provides for a little while.

The Dark Devil is a potent strain that requires the grower to have a little experience. It can reach massive heights and holds a large crop yield, ideal for any grower. The sensations it provides are both relaxing and motivating, great for those who suffer from bodily pain and those who want an escape in their day. It is a great and delicious strain.

Our Rating

Strain Info

Growing it

Big Devil XL X Hindu Kush
100% Indica
500g/m2 yield
32-42 days flowering

Smoking it

Makes you – hungry, creative & calm
Helps with – appetite loss, ADD/ADHD  & migraines
Flavor is – sweet, fruity, floral
THC – 20%