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Critical Orange Punch Strain

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Critical Orange Punch Weed Strain

The Critical Orange Punch strain was developed from the exceptional Spanish Kritikal Bilbo genetic line. The first step in the breeding process involved crossing genetically superior Grandaddy Purps with Orange Bud cuttings (Orange Punch). The end product was a premium cigarette with exceptional flavor but weak yields. 

Crossing this with a THC-rich XXL producing Critical greatly increased production because of the Critical’s robust growth. Critical Orange Punch provides a potent and sustained euphoric high and is known for its strong skunky citrus flavor and Afghan-hash fragrance. 

It’s an XXL-producing variety that’s simple to cultivate and maintain. She blooms in about 7-8 weeks and can reach a height of 1.5 meters inside, producing commercial harvests of rock-hard, sticky buds. This feminized seed strain is ideal, powerful, and simple, yielding XXL quantities quickly.

Strain Information

Critical Orange Punch Strain Genetics

This legendary indica-dominant strain was created by combining Grand Daddy Purple and Orange Bud and crossing the resulting plant with Critical . Most people say she’s at her finest after a busy day when they’re ready to wind down and get some shut-eye.

For a pleasant but not overpowering high, try some Critical Orange Punch. Her nugs are visually appealing and average approximately 22% potency.

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Critical Orange Punch Marijuana Effects

If you’re having a bad day because you’ve taken on more than you can handle, this strain can help. The majority of her smokers report feeling elated and disoriented following a hit.

Once you’ve adjusted to your new, transitory mental state, you should brace yourself for the possibility of severe bodily impacts. It’s common for smokers to feel completely cozy and sleepy after puffing on a smoke.

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Medical Uses

Critics of the idea that a medical strain needs to be strong in CBD to succeed have pointed out that Critical Orange Punch’s sedative properties serve the same function.

Those who suffer from depression or anxiety report an immediate uptick in mood and a marked reduction in the ability to worry for the next several hours.

The effects of your high may extend beyond relieving pain or increasing your appetite. If sleeplessness keeps you up at night, try drinking some Critical Orange Punch before bed.

Adverse Reactions

Before you light up, it’s a good idea to clear your schedule, find a comfortable spot on the sofa with a pillow and a blanket, and get comfortable. This is because this strain will come hitting hard, so be prepared even if you’ve a high tolerance.

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How does it Smell?

Every olive-green bud is covered in a delicate orange hair carpet and tiny white trichomes. An intense medley of sour lemon, spicy earth, & skunk characterizes this strain’s smells and aromas. This is a significant turnoff for some, but others love how Critical Orange Punch combines different tastes.

How does it Taste?

The skunky note is more pronounced in the flavors where it lacks in smell. Coming with a strong note of citrusy orange, anyone smoking Critical Orange Punch will find it a delight.

Growing Critical Orange Punch Seeds

The Critical Orange Punch strain is a typical Indica strain that may reach heights of up to three and a half feet. It does well in conditions both inside and outside of the house. In addition, growing it should be easy for most individuals, including novice gardeners.

Most individuals believe that cultivating cannabis indoors is the most successful approach. Regardless, utilizing a hydroponic system in conjunction with either the Screen of Green or Sea of Green training procedures will significantly increase its growth and yield.

Critical Orange Punch THC Levels

People seeking a more manageable high will find Critical Orange Punch an excellent strain to try. Her buds have a highly appealing aesthetic appeal, and her potency hovers around the 22% range on average.

Critical Orange Punch Flowering

Growers can initiate the flowering stage after eight weeks when grown inside. It should begin flowering about the beginning of October if it grows in its natural habitat (outside), which receives a good deal of sunlight.

Critical Orange Punch Yield

Critical Orange Punch can yield 500 to 600 grams per squared meter if grown inside, and when grown outside, it can yield up to 2 kilograms of juicy and tasty weed.

Critical Orange Punch Cannabis FAQ

cannabis strain FAQ

The Critical Orange Punch is a combination of Grand Daddy Purple x Orange Bud x Critical.

There isn’t one definitive explanation, and other factors could be at play. It would make sense for hyperventilation to occur if someone were under the influence of cannabis and experiencing anxiety. Some people report tingling in their hands and face after using drugs, possibly due to a neurological system or sensory overload.

Rated 0 out of 5
0 out of 5 stars (based on 0 reviews)

Critical Orange Punch Reviews

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