Critical Kush

Critical Kush Strain

Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)

Critical Kush Marijuana Strain

This strain’s high-yielding potential and well-balanced effects make it a fantastic option for cultivators.  It’s an indica-dominant variety with a lengthy list of medical benefits, making it a favorite in the medicinal marijuana community.

Users not acclimated to its intensity may experience an immediate and profound couch-lock under the influence of this heavy-hitting strain. Therefore, you should only use Critical Kush if you are well-prepared for the potency of its effects & do not have any responsibilities that demand you to maintain mental acuity or physical coordination.

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Critical Kush Weed Origins

Barney’s Farm Seeds developed indica-dominant Critical Kush. Despite its hybrid status, originating from a cross between Critical Mass and OG Kush, this strain retains the indica dominance of its legendary forebears.

Critical Kush Cannabis Effects

It hits like a runaway train and knocks you out cold; this strain is calming. Nevertheless, it’s best to ease into smoking Critical Kush gradually because of the potency of its couch-lock effect. 

It is quite effective at relieving stress in people’s minds. So if you want to feel a wonderful wave of happiness and conjure up thoughts of satisfaction and positivity, then smoke some Critical Kush in the evening.

Suppose you plan on doing any work while under the influence of this indica-dominant strain; you should probably skip a few puffs. Instead, you’ll feel an immediate surge of energy and inspiration from this 90% indica hybrid’s euphoric effects.

A cloud of Critical Kush’s euphoria will envelop you, making you feel more gregarious and motivated to spread good cheer.

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Smell & Flavour

To many, the slightly sour yet woody scent of Critical Kush is one of the strain’s most enticing features. This indica-dominant strain has a unique aroma that lingers on the tongue and fills the room with a blend of woody and spicy undertones.

The smoke from this strain has a distinct flavor that resembles a creamy herb, with a hint of sweetness from the lemon on the exhalation. Other citrus notes, including a hint of sweet pie and a lingering taste of crisp pine, can be detected in Critical Kush’s strong blend of aromas.

Growing Critical Kush Seeds

When compared to other high-yielding and powerful plants, cultivating Critical Kush is a breeze.

Although it can withstand the elements when maintained outside, the best results come from growing this flower in a sunny and moderate outdoor setting where the days are long and the nights are cool.

Flowering Time & Yield

Growing Indoor

An average of roughly 21 ounces of high-quality cannabis per square meter grown can be expected from this strain. Within 9–10 weeks, you should be able to harvest your Critical Kush.

Growing Outdoor

In a healthy harvest, an outdoor crop of Critical Kush can produce an average of roughly 23 ounces per plant. This plant flowers all summer long and is typically available to harvest in the fall, between the months of September and October.

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When grown inside, Critical Kush produces 21 ounces per square meter, and when grown outdoors, it produces 23 ounces per plant.

Good growers can reach 25% THC levels in their Critical Kush flowers.

Barney’s Farm Seeds crossed Critical Mass and OG Kush to make Critical Kush.

Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)

Critical Kush Reviews

Have you ever tried or cultivated this strain? We would really appreciate it if you could let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this particular strain of marijuana.

best marijuana strain for me

Rated 5 out of 5
November 9, 2022

I’ve recently collected eight critical-kush clones that I grew in Western Australia’s cold winter. All of them turned a deep purple color with nary a hint of green, and they are now covered with thick white crystals that attach to the resin that has accumulated in their swollen glands. There were so many crystals that I decided to bubble hash the entire batch. I threw in 5 pounds of fresh, wet bud and 4 oz of THC-bomb sugar leaf. The result was an eighth of dry, sticky A-grade, a 5-star combination that smoked better than any Moroccan hash, liquid honey oil, dab, wax hash, or hockey golf balls I’ve tried.

My shizzle inside a pinhead of blunt equals six to ten hours of uninterrupted couch lock. Excellent for relaxing, sleeping, and laughing like a teenager after the first bowl. And I’ve been smoking green for almost 17 years. Much less my dank, stinky, sweet-tasting hockey puck, this strain is a pure hard-hitting Indica.

Avatar for Stinky

critical kush is medical

Rated 5 out of 5
November 9, 2022

Spreads via tall, stout, knit nugs that can, at times, resemble boulders. It seems to be a brand new OG Squeezing this nug for its aroma reveals kush with notes of lime and citrus. Full-bodied vapor with a noticeable aftereffect. Potentially devastating effects from excessive use. The high CBD content of these drugs makes them effective pain relievers. This is a must-have at any local dispensary for relieving pain in the lumbar region, the spinal column, and even the brain. The flavor is chemically woody and chestnut-like.

I feel euphoric and at peace after using it; it motivates me to go for a walk on days when I don’t feel like being social, and it puts my brain in a creative cooking state of mind. I just finished making country-style fried swai fillets and a mushroom soup, and I adore how well it relieves pain—lack of moisture in the lips and the eyes.

Avatar for Robert

critical kush is my favorite weed

Rated 5 out of 5
November 9, 2022

Almost four years have passed since I first started cultivating this particular variety. Having cultivated over fifty different strains, I can confidently say this is my favorite plant. Growing it in 4×4 scrog nets in rdwc, I get between 20 and 28 ounces of usable product per plant, at a THC content of 23 to 26 percent. It’s incredibly icy and thick. It’s great for me and my patients. I sprinkle in some other varieties here and there, but this is my supply line, and no one ever leaves, and if they do, they come back complaining that I’ve spoilt them and nothing else they’ve tried compares. Contrarily, I have been developing and learning for almost 11 years without stopping.

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