Cinderella99 x Kali Mist Strain

Cinderella99 x Kali Mist m

Cinderella 99 and Kali Mist are well-known among Sativa enthusiasts. C99 (also known as “Cindy”) offers a dreamy, euphoric high that sneaks up on you, while Kali Mist – the Queen of Sativas – gives a clear-headed, active buzz that can border on psychedelic. 

The combination of the two is energizing cannabis that will keep you going all day long while also easing you into a well-deserved relaxation at the end. You’ll also appreciate the sweet and tangy citrus flavor complimented by pepper and herbs. It can also help with stress, anxiety, and depression, thanks to its somewhat high THC content of 20%.

The flavor of this strain is a delectable mix of lemon, lime, and minty herbs. It bursts onto the tongue with a burst of freshness that awakens all of the senses. You’ll see a dusting of black pepper if you’re paying attention.

Our Rating

Strain Info

Growing it

Cinderella99 x Kali Mist
70% Sativa
400-550g/m2 yield
70-75 days flowering

Smoking it

Makes you – happy & euphotic
Helps with – stress & anxiety
Flavor is – fruity, spicy, woody
THC – 20%