Cinderella99 x Blueberry Strain

Cinderella99 x Blueberry

You get a well-balanced marijuana experience with Cinderella99 x Blueberry strain weed seeds. The Cinderella99 provides Sativa dominance in this hybrid, resulting in a heady high. 

On the other hand, the Blueberry has an Indica appearance, large buds, and a strong flavor. The strain has a high THC content, ranging from 18% to 23%. This strain will wake you up and get you going with its fantastic taste. 

This plant is equally simple to grow and will produce many large, gorgeous flowers in practically any media. This is a no-brainer for beginning growers because of its fantastic flavor and high.

The romance story about the pleasant taste and the wonder of the high that follows intake of this strain will appeal to the fine connoisseur in you. It tastes like a fruit cocktail with apple, blueberry, and citrus sweetness filling your lips. The complex web of flavors will be completed by adding a strong pine scent.

Our Rating

Strain Info

Growing it

Cinderella99 x Blueberry
80% Sativa
400-550g/m2 yield
55-60 days flowering

Smoking it

Makes you – happy & euphotic
Helps with – stress & anxiety
Flavor is – sweet, fruity
THC – 18% to 23%