Chocolope Strain

Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)

Chocolope Marijuana Strain

Chocolope is an almost pure sativa strain with a thick, luscious body and an equally luxurious flavor and scent. This unique strain is ideal for getting your day off to a good start because of the way it stimulates your mind and body.

This strain has been called “better than a powerful cup of morning coffee” by its fans. DNA Genetics developed this incredibly aromatic, gorgeous breed. By breeding Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, they produced a Sativa with a rich chocolate flavor.

Chocolope has a robust, stimulating coffee aroma that will permeate any space with its sweetness. Chocolope is nearly pure sativa, and its intellectual and energizing properties go hand in hand with the sweet scent. Those seeking a profound and profoundly psychedelic experience appreciate this strain well.

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Chocolope Weed Origins

The Dutch cannabis breeders at DNA Genetics developed this particular variety in the 1980s after high-quality genes became available to the general public. Chocolate Thai sativa was mixed with Cannalope Haze sativa. This isn’t a landrace strain, but it is almost entirely Sativa, and its 15–19 percent THC produces a stimulating, yet mild, effect.

Chocolope Cannabis Effects

Chocolope’s stimulating qualities are a big part of why it’s so well-liked.  That’s why it’s recommended to smoke this strain first thing in the morning; it’ll help get your day started off on the right foot. The sativa’s stimulating properties will have you flying through housework in no time.

Chocolope is the ideal happy smoke because of its reputation for elevating mood and inducing feelings of elation and excitement. This will make you feel incredibly functional and concentrated throughout the day while giving you a full-on cerebral head-high.

This cigarette could be heaven-sent for artists and writers. Chocolope has the capacity to keep you cheerful and motivated for the remainder of the day, unlike even the most stimulating cup of coffee in the morning. Try this variety out if you’re a procrastinator; it’s anything but sluggish.

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Smell & Flavour

Almost sweet is the aroma of this strain. Its delicious chocolatey undertones steal the spotlight and perk you up instantly. Chocolope has a sharp, earthy flavor that is cut with a pleasant, energizing nuttiness.

Chocolope has a lot of flavors and is a tasty strain. We found this sativa to be sticky sweet and energizing, making it difficult to say no to. 

This strain’s coffee and chocolate notes are prominent, and the vanilla is also robust.

Growing Chocolope Seeds

Although choco-lope is quite simple to cultivate, it requires a rather dry environment free of mold and mildew to thrive. Planting these seedlings after the last chance of frost has passed will be rewarded handsomely by this stunning plant.

If you choose to bring up your Chocolope in the great outdoors, remember to monitor its humidity levels and provide a warm, sunny, Mediterranean-style environment.

Flowering Time & Yield

Growing Indoor

This sativa seedling requires about 9 to 10 weeks to fully blossom and be ready for harvest when grown in ideal indoor conditions. The average output from a Chocolope crop is 21 oz per square meter. Thus it’s a plant that can produce pretty well.

Growing Outdoor

Outside, in ideal conditions, Chocolope can yield the most buds. Typically available for harvest in the middle to the latter part of October, this almost 100% sativa produces an average of about 35 oz per plant.

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Chocolope typically flowers for 10-11 weeks because it’s almost a pure sativa variety.

The high profoundly affects the brain, making one feel dreamy and inspiring deep reflection. Despite the short duration of the high, it is well worth the time it takes to achieve its energizing and inspiring effects.

Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)

Chocolope Reviews

Have you ever tried or cultivated this strain? We would really appreciate it if you could let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this particular strain of marijuana.

Cholopole aka dline is fantastic weed

Rated 5 out of 5
November 10, 2022

I always seem to forget how much I enjoy this strain about 11 a.m.—it’s the perfect late-morning pot, yet I always seem to forget how much. I don’t think I can function without coffee any longer. You seem to be in an excellent mood and extremely alert. Definitely not alien. As long as you don’t get in your car, you’re free to take care of whatever domestic duties you undertake. Chocolope softens their rough edges, making them seem more manageable. This bud is great for getting people to talk to one another. You and your pals are in for a great time.

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Rated 5 out of 5
November 10, 2022

Simply unrivaled; superior to everything else available. Laugh it up; here’s some Tina Turner. As a result, I frequently indulge in Jack Herer, Kush, Blue Dreams, and other strains. SATIVA For the most part, I smoke during the day. Thus dominant strains are my favorite. As a creative professional (artist, photographer, writer), I can attest that this strain is perfect for that early morning “get up and go” feeling. I don’t drink morning coffee (although my girlfriend does, and the aroma is sometimes all I need to get out of bed), so this is my “coffee”; in fact, my girlfriend and I have a running joke that she’ll be sitting in bed with her coffee while I’ll be sitting up in bed with a vape or a cigarette packed with some powerful sativa.

Specifically, Chocolope was the object of my affection this time. I immediately placed another order for an ounce, as I didn’t want to risk getting a mislabeled batch of potent indica that always spoils my day. The distinctive aroma of thai spices permeates this kind. The aroma reminds me of the first time I smoked some truly incredible cannabis. nothing fancy; there’s just a strong sense of familiarity. I was reminded of Jack Nicholson’s Joker in the 1966 Batman film as soon as the high kicked in; my eyes widened, my cheeks puffed out, and I felt compelled to talk, edit photos, and delve deeply into some film while also visiting to write a review of this incredible heady ringing energetic strain.

What a writer or musician needs is material like this. Many others claim they “don’t care” as much as it smells and gets them high after two hits. If smokers KNEW what they wanted, they could tailor their habits to achieve their full potential with cannabis. In any case, I heartily endorse this strain, as long as you can obtain it in cutting form, maintain the mother plant, and clone this magnificent Thai absolutely great beauty for many years to come. Chocolope (nice name, but it seems a lot like a strong indica) is deceiving and kind of flies under the radar, and I expect it will be for the most seasoned smoker to be able to control the headiness.

In response, I feel an overwhelming urge to leap off the earth and describe in great detail every single feeling that is currently occupying my body. If you can get your hands on it, do—the highest possible recommendation.

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