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Chili Verde Strain

About Chili Verde Weed Strain

Although the Chile Verde strain is relatively new to the market, it has already established a solid reputation. Chile Verde, developed by HBK genetics, skyrocketed in fame after its launch and for a good cause.

The genetic lottery was won by the offspring of Lavender Kush with Key Lime Pie, which includes such powerhouses as Girl Scout Cookies, Afghani, & Skunk #1.

Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene, Myrcene, & Alpha-Bisabolol are all present in the Chile Verde strain’s unique terpene profile, giving it an inimitable flavor and aroma. The plant is stout and India-typical, with a covering of crystalline trichomes and a range of greens (lime, emerald, and forest) interspersed with softer purples.

Maybe the price of the Chile Verde cannabis strain is more significant than average, but why shouldn’t it be? Its beautiful bloom, abundant terpenes, and illustrious lineage produce a winning formula.

2018 was the first-ever personal sun-grown category in the Emerald Cup, and the winner was the Chile Verde marijuana strain. Nothing about this strain would make a smoker want to pass up trying it. Keep in mind that OG Kush can be found in the genetics of the Chile Verde OG strain variant.

Strain Information

Chili Verde Strain Genetics

The genetics of the Chile Verde strain is so distinctive that its parents would stand out in a lineup just by tasting them. Clearly, the Lavender strain is responsible for some of its spiciness in terms of flavor and scent. Its delicious citrus flavor and energizing cerebral high are the Key Lime Pie strain hallmarks. This new and unique strain results from a cross between two classics.

cannabis strain effects

Chili Verde Strain Effects

The Chile Verde strain is a hybrid. Therefore its effects are neither sativa nor indica. However, within seconds of taking your initial few puffs of the Chile Verde strain, you’ll experience a stimulating cerebral high, followed by a relaxing body stone.

Waves of calm euphoria will wash over you, leaving you feeling relaxed but perfectly functional. If you’re having trouble getting started because you’re having trouble concentrating or getting motivated, this is your inspiration.

Not only does the Chile Verde strain of marijuana have a high THC level, but it also has a relatively high CBD content (0.82%).

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How does it Smell & Taste?

Those who enjoy seeing their friends’ shocked expressions when you crack open a jar of your stinking strain are among the most devoted fans of this type of cannabis. This category includes the Chile Verde cannabis strain. It has a powerful, skunky atmosphere, with notes of lime, lavender, pepper, spice, and even a touch of diesel.

Caryophyllene (pepper), Humulene (hops), Limonene (citrus), Myrcene (herbs & earth), and Bisabolol (calming) make up its terpene profile and contribute to its enticing aroma (florals and apple). It may come as a surprise, but the Chile Verde strain isn’t as fragrant on the plant as it is after curing.

The genetics of the Chile Verde strain produces a flavor that, like its aroma, is complex and full of zest and spice. The Chile Verde strain got everything it needed from the Key Lime Pie breed, the Lavender strain, and its terpenes to provide a great smoking experience.

The flavor is finished with floral sweetness and undertones of gasoline on the exhale, making you want to take another drag.

Growing Chile Verde Seeds

It may be challenging to track down Chile Verde strain seeds, but they exist. And if and when you find them, they won’t come cheap.

Even more, knowledge of the Chile Verde marijuana strain is still in its infancy. Thus most cultivation recommendations are either anecdotal or dependent on what we can infer about its ancestry.

Seeds are more expensive than clones. Therefore most gardeners only use them if they have no other choice. The average Chile Verde cannabis plant grows to a height of 18 inches and a width of 48 inches. It needs enough water and temperatures between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit to thrive.

However, you should monitor the environment closely for signs of mildew or bud rot and reduce the humidity as much as possible. It thrives when trellised, and trimming is another excellent way to boost its exposure to light and air circulation.

For those who are up to the challenge, cultivating the Chile Verde weed strain outdoors is a fantastic option because it was awarded the Emerald cup for best outdoor growth. Unless you have complete control over the environment and growing circumstances, it is recommended that you move your operations indoors or into a greenhouse.

Chili Verde THC Content

Your Chile Verde THC concentration can vary from a modest 15% to a monstrous 25%. How the strain is grown can have a significant impact on the amount of THC it produces.

The grower’s skill has a significant impact on the final product, as the plants’ level of THC production is inversely proportional to the amount of attention and care they receive.

If this is your first time smoking, it’s probably best to ease into it. This is especially true if you’ve obtained a very potent batch. Also, don’t try eating this. Until you know what to expect from the strain, you should only use smoking or vaping methods.

Flowering & Yield

This new strain has a lot to teach, as most of the cultivation process is still a mystery. The Chile Verde variety is likely to have a similar blooming time to its parent strains, which take about 9 to 10 weeks to mature.

The literature on the Chile Verde strain is light, but word on the market is that it can yield moderate to heavy amounts. The Chile Verde variety thrives in both outdoor and indoor environments, as well as in greenhouses.

Higher yields are possible even for beginners with the proper growth tactics, so don’t let a lack of experience hold you back.

Chile Verde Weed FAQ

The Chile Verde hybrid strain is predominantly indica, having an Indica to Sativa proportion of 70% to 30%. But the trade-offs between its effects are minimal. It grows with the sativa characteristics of being hardy in hot climates.

If you put a lit joint in your mouth, you will only get a mouthful of flames. Chile Verde’s spicy, peppery taste and aroma come from the Caryophyllene terpene, which may have inspired the strain’s name, which literally translates to “green chili.”

Chile Verde Reviews

Have you ever tried or cultivated this strain? We would really appreciate it if you could let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this particular strain of marijuana.