Cheese and Chong Strain Review

cheese and chong

When you want a strain that’s going to give you a high return on investment, Cheese and Chong is what you’re looking for. It’s not a plant that should be taken lightly, however, and it certainly isn’t for beginners. Cheese and Chong is best reserved for advanced growers, as it’s normally considered to be a plant used for commercial production. 

Commercial growers and connoisseurs love Cheese and Chong because it tends to grow vigorously. This means that it needs a lot of upkeep and care during the vegetative phase, making it harder to grow for a beginner.

You may have guessed it from the name, but this strain actually tastes like a funky cheese! It’s skunky and musky, with notes of spice and herbs, all on top of a base-flavor of cheese. This makes it a very unique strain. The high it provides is relaxing and euphoric, as you can expect from an elite Indica strain such as this.

Genetics: Exodus Cheese X Casey Jones
Variety: Indica Dominant Hybrid
Height: Unknown, Reported as Tall
Flowering Time: 55 to 70 Days
THC: 10% to 15%
Flavor: Skunk, Cheese, Spicy, Herbal, Musky
Yield: Exact Number Unknown, Reported as High Yield