Bubblegum Strain

Bubblegum is a contemporary version of the award-winning Indica-dominant hybrid Bubblegum, which was produced in the 1990s. The original strain is combined with a Ruderalis variation to generate a hybrid with a balanced physical and mental effect.

Bubblegum is perfect for a quick pick-me-up or to help you drift off to sleep. It’s also a pure treat to the senses, transporting you to a delectable sweet and fruity ride unlike any other. This combo begins with a jolting mental high, filling your mind with joyful, upbeat thoughts. You may become more sociable as your mood improves.

The large, robust buds give off a unique bubblegum scent that’s nearly impossible to miss. Without a doubt, a single whiff of the sweet, fruity aroma is enough to raise your mood. Bubblegum has a fruity flavor characteristic, similar to its aroma. When smoked, the sweet syrupy undertones explode in the tongue, leaving behind intense strawberry overtones.

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Strain Info

Growing it

Bubblegum x Ruderalis
50/50 Hybrid
400-500g/m2 yield
55 – 65 days flowering

Smoking it

Makes you – happy, sleepy, talkative & euphotic
Helps with – stress, insomnia, socializing & anxiety
Flavor is – sweet, fruity, strawberry gum
THC – 18%

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