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Bruce Banner #3 Strain

Bruce Banner #3 Marijuana Strain

Named after the Marvel character of the same name, Bruce Banner # 3 is just as strong as The Hulk. This is a Bruce Banner phenotype, and it is one of the strongest available, with THC content averaging around 26%. However, some samples have reached up to 29%. This is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, and it shows. The high provided by Bruce Banner #3 is cerebral in nature, and it’s powerful. It kicks in almost immediately. 

It gives you the best mental high without inducing couch-high, and tends to be uplifting, making it very highly desirable.

Bruce Banner #3 has a strong diesel flavour, being the flavor that many users taste solely. Others report sweet undertones and earthy notes, as well. It smells similar to Lemon OG Kush, having a spicy-sweet aroma.  This is a strain that can be grown by just about anyone, being pest and disease-resistant. However, you’ll need some space to grow it, especially if you want Hulk-sized yields.

With a THC content that has been recorded as high as 29%, this is arguably the most potent type of cannabis available. Delta 9 Labs created Bruce Banner by breeding OG Kush with Strawberry Diesel. Five distinct phenotypes evolved from the parent strain. Two of the five quickly dropped off the radar. 

High Times Cannabis Championships recorded the greatest potency score ever for Strain #3, one of the three remaining strains. As it is now known, the Bruce Banner #3 Sativa strain won first place there at Denver U.S. Cannabis Festival. In reality, this is the Incredible Hulk in the form of a marijuana strain.

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Bruce Banner #3 Cannabis Effects

BOOM! When you light up a joint of Bruce Banner #3, you won’t have to wait long until you get a mind-blowing high. This strain has produced the strongest mental high of any studied to date. You won’t wake up feeling like the Hulk stomped all over you before you went to sleep. Instead, Bruce Banner #3 instantly improves your disposition. And then your thoughts get more imaginative, but the most powerful emotion you’ll experience is unbridled joy.

Bruce Banner #3 Weed Flavor & Smell

Thankfully, the severity of the smell does not translate to the flavor, or else it would be intolerable. In its place, it has a flavor that is a cross between diesel and sweet strawberries, with the sweetness toned down a bit. There is no doubt that the pungent smell of Bruce Banner #3 is the main deterrent for many people from planting it outside. It smells like fuel dominates an earthy, fruity aroma. The smell is so strong that it might blow across the neighborhood. 

Growing Bruce Banner #3 Seeds

Imagine each seed to be a weak Bruce Banner. This cannabis seedling can be grown either indoors or outdoors. Therefore, it should flourish in its natural setting, pest- and disease-free. You should know that the plant responds strongly to the Screen of Green (SOG) technique, in addition to the standard care that is often given to it. The plant must also undergo stress training, and it will react positively to both mild and high levels of stress. Once harvest time rolls around, Bruce Banner #3 should produce a crop fit for the Incredible Hulk.

Bruce Banner #3 Flowering Time & Yield

Growing Indoor

About 60–70 days after planting, Bruce Banner #3 begins to bloom. We did point out that it produces an enormous harvest. Does approximately 20 to 22 oz per sq meter sound about right?

Growing Outdoor

Growing Bruce Banner #3 results in a harvest fit for the Hulk. But in the open air, where it may reach heights of nearly 10 feet, you can expect a massive harvest of about 34 to 36 oz per plant in early October. The Hulk in the arena pales in comparison to the Hulk in the open air. Bruce Banner #3 is also well-known for its rapid onset and profound effects, including increased happiness and euphoria as well as enhanced focus and work output.

When grown inside, Bruce Banner #3 produces about 20 ounces per square meter, whereas outdoors, it produces about 34 to 36 oz per plant. 

From 21% to 30% depending on the conditions it was grown in.

OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel were bred together at Delta 9 Labs in Amsterdam to produce the strain known as Bruce Banner. 

Bruce Banner #3 Reviews

Have you ever consumed your personal Bruce Banner #3 or cultivated your own strain? We would really appreciate it if you could let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on this particular strain of marijuana.
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