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Blue Dream Strain

Blue Dream Marijuana Strain

Sativa dominant hybrid that has achieved legendary status in its home state of California, also known as the Blue Dream Strain. Because it provides a pleasant “pick-me-up” without being overwhelming, relying more on a “mood-altering” than a hefty physical high, it has developed a reputation as the ideal strain for use during the day.

Blue Dream’s top-shelf features make it a fan favorite, and the strain’s reputation for producing a mild, relaxing high has propelled it to the forefront.

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Blue Dream Weed Origins

Indeed emblematic of the aforementioned “cool California atmosphere,” this strain has its roots in the state’s thriving medicinal cannabis community. Blue Dream, which originated as a hybrid of the Blueberry Indica and the Super Silver Haze, is now widely recognized as a top-tier strain.

Blue Dream Cannabis Effects

Blue Dream is a fan favorite, well-known for its ability to calm the mind and body. The strain’s mellow bliss appeals to many users because it suits those new to cannabis. It also provides a sense of mild mental stimulation, making it an excellent choice for the first thing in the morning. Its uplifting qualities boost one’s mood and inspire one to be proactive and innovative.

It is the perfect complement for brainstorming exercises in a group context because it encourages participants to share their most outlandish ideas. This makes it perfect for those in the creative industries who could use some fresh ideas.

The fact that this really calms down the body and mind without making the user a couch potato makes it a popular option. With Blue Dream, you can experience the euphoric, weightless feeling of being in a dream without giving up your ability to communicate with others or take action.

Its ability to induce a mildly euphoric high makes it difficult to say no.

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Smell & Flavour

Because of its blueberry ancestry, this variety possesses a rich, sweet, appealing flavor. It has a rich, fruity aroma that is reminiscent of blueberry but not identical to it. There are notes of vanilla and sweetness, and some people have also detected mango.

Blue Dream fits the description “what you smelt is what you taste.” Those who taste it report a sweet berry flavor with hints of spice and herbs that linger in the mouth. Its bold fruitiness and subtle sourness create an ideal harmony of flavors. Blue Dream has a strong berry aroma, but it also has subtle traces of spice that make it its unique and delectable treat.

Combined, these characteristics make Blue Dream a strain with a reputation for being mild among consumers. Its flavor isn’t overpowering, and this trait has contributed to Blue Dream’s meteoric rise to the top of the cannabis industry.

Growing Blue Dream Seeds

Due to its height and relative indifference to weather fluctuations, the care of a Blue Dream plant indoors is considered easy, while outdoor care is considered medium to moderate.

The plant’s pleasant aroma is a magnet for parasites, making it especially vulnerable to red spider mite infection. The Mediterranean and subtropical climes outside are ideal for growing conditions, but they may also be grown effectively inside.

Flowering Time & Yield

Growing Indoor

The average output of 21 oz per square meter may be predicted when cultivating Blue Dream indoors. The blossoming stage typically lasts between 9 and 10 weeks.

Growing Outdoor

Outdoors, this variety should generate an average of 21 oz per plant, and the best time to harvest is in October.

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The indoor yield for Blue Dream is 21 ounces per square meter, and the outdoor output is 21 ounces per plant.

Blue Dream THC levels range from 17 to 24% THC. 

Blue Dream was born by crossing super silver haze with blueberry indica.

Blue Dream Reviews

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