Blue Dream Strain

Blue dream b

Blue Dream Feminized is a popular strain in the state of California. The strain is 70% Sativa and very significant for beginners- the plant is hardy and produces a high yield. The strain can grow much more extensively outdoors, although most people grow the plant indoors. 

Many people say that the strain has a light, lemony taste. The high THC level leaves room for very low CBD, getting a stronger high. The strain is also known for offering anti-inflammatory benefits and is suitable for Crohn’s Disease.

It even has some antibacterial properties. The smell is very similar to fresh blueberries. It’s very potent, with a light citrus scent. The scent is very close to what you might imagine something named “Blue Dream” to smell like! 

Overall, most people also say they feel relief from stress and anxiety. The strain even works for depression, nausea, and pain relief. There are plenty of medicinal uses for the Blue Dream, making it a great growing option.

Our Rating

Strain Info

Growing it

Blueberry Ice x Haze
70% Sativa
500g/m2 yield
65 – 70 days flowering

Smoking it

Makes you – happy & euphotic
Helps with – inflammation, stress & Crohn’s Disease
Flavor is – berry, fruity, sweet, citrus
THC – 20%+