Blue Cookies

Blue Cookies Strain

Blue Cookies Marijuana Strain

The indica-dominant hybrid Blue Cookies is a mix between the famed Girl Scout Cookies and the equally well-known Blueberry strain. Blue Cookies, the offspring of these two heavyweight champion strains, hits you over the head with a crushing blast of bliss, then quickly creeps down to rest your whole body. 

The bud has a thick layer of frosty glue that spreads across twisted colors of green and purple, and the flavor profile is as intriguing as the heavy layer of frosty resin. Blue Cookies is a powerful strain that is ideal for seasoned consumers who are difficult to impress, but newcomers should proceed with caution. 

Blue Cookies are a subset of the Girl Scout Cookies phenotype that does not possess the Blueberry trait, yet you might come across another variant.

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Blue Cookies Weed Origins

Two legendary strains were crossed to develop blue cookies hybrid strain. Girl Scout Cookies crossed with Blueberry strains.

Blue Cookies Cannabis Effects

Some folks may be caught off guard by the buzzing head high at the outset of Blue Cookies. The powerful physical high that follows only slightly dampens the mental one. Some people may be caught off guard by the vibrating head high that ushers in Blue Cookies. The tremendous physical high that follows the mental high somewhat mitigates its effects.

The instant this strain begins to take effect, you’ll feel a rush of pleasure and a sense of emancipation. Feelings of tremendous joy and calmness set in when the mental and physical highs begin to merge.

Avoid using excessive amounts, though. Because of the potency of this strain, you may find yourself unable to move from the sofa for some time. As hunger is a near-certainty, you should also prepare by keeping some food handy.

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Smell & Flavour

Blue Cookies has a nice aroma, which many cannabis connoisseurs appreciate. Can you imagine how tempting it would be to smell anything sweet yet dank with a sweet note?

The smoothness of this strain and its pleasant candy-like flavor will surely win you over. The aftertaste could be faintly reminiscent of berries, a flavor everyone likes. In fact, Blue Cookies is among the most delicious cannabis strains available.

It’s no secret that Blue Cookies is a fan favorite among cannabis consumers thanks to its delicious flavor, scent, and potent sedative and euphoric effects. We sell seeds with identical characteristics, so you can easily grow a crop.

Growing Blue Cookies Seeds

Because locating seeds for Blue Cookies has proven difficult, cloning this strain of cannabis typically requires cuttings from an established plant. It can be cultivated outside but does just as well when brought inside or placed in a greenhouse.

It prefers a warm to warm-temperate outdoor temperature and can reach a height of 5 feet or more. Indoor cultivation, where the climate can be carefully managed, is the method of choice for producing Blue Cookies. If you want to keep this plant in a small area, you must start bending and pruning it immediately.

Growing a Blue Cookies plant is rewarding once it begins to bloom. The greenish-blue and purple-tinged blossoms of springtime make it a visual treat. However, the purple colors will become more vibrant if you shock it with cooler temperatures before it begins to flower.

Flowering Time & Yield

Growing Indoor

When compared to other types of cannabis, Blue Cookies flower more quickly. Starting the flowering period at day 56 to 63 could offer you a respectable yield of 13 to 16 oz per square meter.

Growing Outdoor

The final days of September are prime time to gather Blue Cookies when grown outside in a warm area. The yield per plant is expected to be 16 ounces, which is rather respectable.

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When grown indoors, Blue Cookies can produce 13-16 ounces per square meter, but outdoors it can produce 16 ounces or over per plant.

Blue Cookies THC levels can range between 24-28%. It must be grown in perfect conditions to reach these levels.

Blue Cookies is a hybrid strain that combines the Girl Scout Cookies with Blueberry strains.

Blue Cookies Reviews

Have you ever tried or cultivated this strain? We would really appreciate it if you could let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this particular strain of marijuana.

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