Black Diesel Strain

Black Diesel 450 x 450

The Black Diesel strain is a powerful Sativa-dominant hybrid that boasts a heavy yield. It is best grown inside due to its vulnerability to mold, so novice growers and advanced alike should keep this variety in their homes. 

The high that comes from this strain is strong and powerful, sure to leave you feeling free and euphoric. Beginners might have a hard time with the sensations. The flavor profile of the Black Diesel strain is fruity and earthy, with a strong undertone of the classic diesel taste. A hint of pepper accompanies this profile.

Due to its strength, the Black Diesel strain is great for those who experience chronic pain, migraines, mood swings, and so much more. The Black Diesel strain is a powerful variety that is easy to grow. 

With a high crop yield and an even higher potency, regular and medicinal users alike can enjoy the effects that come with the Black Diesel strain. The calmness that accompanies the delicious flavor profile is not to be missed.

Strain Info

Growing it

NYC Diesel X Black Domina
50/50 Hybrid
450g/m2 yields
63-70 Days flowering

Smoking it

Makes you – euphoric, uplifting, energetic
Helps with – stress, anxiety, depression
Flavor is – fruity, earthy, diesel, woody
Strong 19%+ THC