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Black Cherry OG Strain

Black Cherry OG Marijuana Strain

Since 2010, Ken Estes has worked in the medical marijuana cultivation industry. Granddaddy Purple Collective was established in 2002 by him with the intention of providing relief for those suffering from various ailments. His name has become virtually associated with the famed Granddaddy Purple hybrid beyond the United States. Black Cherry OG appears to be a hybrid of two of Ken’s prior strain creations.

Although its specific genetics has never been disclosed, it is widely believed to be an offspring of Ken’s OG. It’s hard to ignore the startling similarities in effects, too. For instance, both effects can be amplified with excessive use, resulting in a state of euphoria and overall relaxation of the body.

It’s conceivable that the birth parent variety is Granddaddy Purple, which would explain the plant’s purple colors in both the leaves and the flowers. To a large extent, Indica predominates in both Ken’s OG and Granddaddy Purple.

Black Cherry OG Weed Origins

Black Cherry was developed by crossing Ken’s OG with Grandaddy Purple. This explains the purple colors in both the leaves and flowers.

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Black Cherry OG Cannabis Effects

Black Cherry OG’s THC content, at 12-to-18%, doesn’t seem particularly high. It is still a hybrid with tremendous potential for great effects. The psychedelic experience starts out with a little sense of euphoria.  In addition to improving one’s disposition, it also provides users with a sense of calm and an almost supernatural ability to concentrate despite the constant barrage of new ideas and thoughts.

Black Cherry OG’s physcial impacts don’t wait around for long. A warm, energizing feeling begins with a gentle pressure on the head and gradually spreads throughout the rest of the body. Then it smacks down severely.  Muscles instantly unwind and release all built-up tension. The user feels a heaviness settle in, and they are stuck on the couch. 

When the overall impacts become too much, most people retreat inside themselves.

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Smell & Flavour

When smoked, Black Cherry OG gives off a fruity aroma that’s a cross between berries and grapes with an almost tea-like sweetness. In addition, there’s a hint of heat to it. The cherry flavors explode on the tongue and are just as delicious as the aroma. 

It produces smoke that is mild and gentle on the respiratory system. The sweet sensation of green tea lingers on the tongue long after the last puff of air has been expelled.

Growing Black Cherry OG Seeds

Black Cherry OG is not really a fragile plant and may be successfully grown by inexperienced growers. It is up to the grower whether they cultivate it indoors and outdoors. Mature plants yield round, green buds that are studded with orange anthers and crystals. 

The dramatic purple hues of the foliage and flowers are stimulated by introducing the plant to cooler temperatures before to flowering.

Flowering Time & Yield

Growing Indoor

Growers should expect to collect between 8 and 10 oz of flowers per square meter after nine to ten weeks of blossoming.

Growing Outdoor

In the first week of October, Black Cherry OG begins to bloom. Each plant might yield as much as 10 ounces at the end of the month.

Black Cherry OG leans more toward Indica than other hybrids. Even though its true genetics have never been disclosed, it is widely believed to be a product of a mix between Granddaddy Purple with Ken’s OG. 

Black Cherry OG is a hybrid with a high Indica content. There were never any publicly available genetics for this strain, but speculation has it that it is a hybrid of Granddaddy Purple with Ken’s OG. CBD ratios are less than 1%, while THC levels are typically between 12 and 18%.

Black Cherry OG produces a sleepy, euphoric, and surreal elevation that is hard to define. You feel like someone is pressing your system pressure button as it smacks you between the eyes.

Black Cherry OG Reviews

Have you ever tried or cultivated your own strain? We would really appreciate it if you could let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this particular strain of marijuana.

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