Black Cherry OG Strain

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The genetics of Black Cherry OG are somewhat of a mystery. The strain was developed by Grand Daddy Purple using Ken’s OG and an unknown hybrid made by Grand Daddy Purple. 

What was created was a hybrid that most people love for its sedative effect. The THC content is somewhat low, making it great for new enthusiasts, and enjoyable for experienced veterans. 

The high produced by Black Cherry OG is best left for the evening, as it does have a sedative effect, as mentioned previously. This leads us to believe that the Indica part of the strain is dominant, of course. 

Growing Black Cherry OG is relatively easy, but at home, growers should be aware that the plant is large, and yields are lower than similarly-sized plants. 

Black Cherry OG is spicy and herbal, with the flavour of fruits and cherries coming in after the initial flavor. Many use this strain to treat a sleep disorder, anxiety, depression, and anxiety.

Our Rating

Strain Info

Growing it

Ken’s OG x Grand Daddy Purple Hybrid
Hybrid (Unknown Percentages)
400-550g/m2 yields
50 to 65 days flowering

Smoking it

Makes you – happy, euphoric, relaxed
Helps with – stress, anxiety, pain
Flavor is – spicy, herbal, berry, sweet
Medium 13% to 15% THC