Grape Snow Cone Strain Review

Grape Snowcone 2 1

Grape Snow Cone is not a strain that’s going to be easy for everyone to grow. It requires some specific conditions to make things as viable as possible. As such, it’s important to grow these once you’ve gained some experience! The hybrid was originally grown from award-winning parents, Grape Ape and Supernatural. Both of them tend to turn purple as it comes close to harvesting time. It should be noted that this depends on the temperature, however. Colder temperatures tend to show more purple hues than warmer temperatures do.

As the name implies, Grape Snow Cone has a grape taste. It can also be somewhat skunky to downright sour, depending on the growing conditions. These two plants provide great highs, and Supernatural brings some medicinal effects with it. It’s the best Indica you can get your hands on, most likely. While the THC content isn’t available, it can be said that it’s quite potent, providing a relaxing feeling. Medicinally, it’s used for treating anxiety, insomnia, and pain. It’s a world-class strain that lives up to its lineage.

Genetics: Grape Ape X Supernatural
Variety: Indica
Height: 80 Centimetres to 2 Metres
Flowering Time: 55 to 60 Days
THC: Unknown
Flavor: Grape, Skunk, Sour
Yield: Unknown