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Alaskan Purple Strain

Alaskan Purple Marijuana Strain

Because it is a descendant of Purple Alaskan, Kush, as well as a Brazilian sativa strain, the Alaskan Purple cannabis strain has a rich and illustrious pedigree. Extremely hardy strain, suitable for a wide range of growing methods, capable of producing very high yields, and exhibiting beautiful purple coloring when fully mature. 

The Alaskan Purple cannabis strain is incredibly flexible, making it suitable for cultivation using a wide variety of methods. It can be grown using a sea of green, SCRoG, LST, super-cropping, or even outdoors, where it can astonish the neighbors with its sheer size.

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Alaskan Purple Cannabis Effects

There have been reports that the effects are sedative without entirely knocking you asleep. At first, you will probably feel a little of a happy lift that starts at the the top of your head and travels all the way down to the tips of your toes. This sensation is caused by the way that THC interacts with your brain. Before you light up, it is strongly advised that you get several foods ready and have them within easy reach so that you can satisfy your hunger when it begins to creep up on you as you begin to relax on your couch.

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Alaskan Purple Weed Flavor & Smell

The aroma and flavor are both reminiscent of delicious berries, with some floral undertones thrown in there as well. This is a powerful breed with a high concentration of THC and a strong Kush influence.

Growing Alaskan Purple Seeds

The Alaskan Purple strain is versatile enough to flourish in a variety of environments. This cannabis plant matures rapidly, between seed to harvest in just around nine weeks. Depending on the type of cultivation and the surrounding conditions, the typical growth cycle lasts anywhere from seven to nine weeks. There in northern hemisphere, outdoor crops typically mature by the middle of October.

Indoor growers of the Alaskan Purple have reported massive harvests of up to 1.8 ounces per square foot. Some outdoor cultivars have the potential to yield as much as 60 ounces per plant. This strain of marijuana is quite strong, making it simple to cultivate and manage. Methods of cultivation range from the “Sea of Green” (SOG) to the “Screen of Green” (ScrOG).

Be warned that the purple Alaskan blooms on these cannabis plants are just the beginning of what the plants are capable of producing. If you want to grow them outside, you’ll need a large, secure area to keep potential criminals at bay and the elements at bay.

Getting male plants is not a concern because this variety is exclusively sold as feminized seeds. Since the Alaskan Purple is an all-female strain, it requires little attention from the grower and produces abundant blooms and fruit.

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When grown inside, Alaskan Purple marijuana strain produces about 22 ounces per square meter, whereas outdoors, it produces about 40 to 60 oz per plant. 

From 17 to 22% depending on the conditions it was grown in.

This strain typically has a flowering period of 8 weeks which is super fast!

From 17 to 22% depending on the conditions it was grown in.

Three strains were crossed together to make alaskan purple. These were Alaskan Purple x Kush x Brazilian Sativa!

Alaskan Purple Reviews

Have you ever consumed or cultivated this marijuana strain? We would really appreciate it if you could let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this particular strain of marijuana.

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